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The coming social media implosion.

The killer app at present is social media. Not public social media, but private. It is not Facebook that matters, but messenger and Instagram. It is not twitter, but Gab. Twitter is for trolling. Without trolls, it has no utility. Which brings us to the fourth law of SJWs: Regulators ruin everything left. While the […]

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Elfwick whackamole.

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The saga of Godfrey continues. So far, Jodie Elfwick has been banned, Godfrey is back as ElfwickGodfrey, and he is sitting on gab feeling somewhat sorry. The commentators among the Dread Ilk note that Gab is not his forte. He is much better playing offence and being a troll, deeply offended, shining light on the […]

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The marks of convergence

Compulsion If the narrative decides an option is not acceptable, it will not be offered. There is a reason why house prices are allowed to rise in the West: it ensures the wife must work, to keep the family fed, while the husband pays the mortgage. There used to be bright lines around loan amounts […]

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The fork of Twitter awaits.

Sam Thielman in the Guardian, of all places, notes that Twitter is starting to reap the consequences of converging into the progressive Borg. Their users are starting to leave, beginning with the early adopters. Twitter has some structural problems. The first is the value in social media is that it allows free and rapid speech […]

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The turning of the worm.

This world is wonderful, and every day there are more cool and creative things done. We should celebrate them, but instead we moan and complain because they do not fit entirely within our world view. This is most apparent in social media, such as Twitter, where the SJW are now censoring streams because their world […]

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