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Marriage has been deemed compulsory.

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Now for some advice, of the salty kind. Young man, marry well and within the church. For life. Do not get divorce. Was talking about gray divorce with my Mum yesterday and she reminded me of the financial cost of mine: I could have bought an investment property for what I paid the lawyers. But […]

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Two cheers for the sex negative. [Matt 14, Rev 14]

I have a few speculations relating to these passages, and there are few sacred cows that need to meet the shotgun of the word. Let’s start with the first; Women are not saints.I asked myself this when attempting a short break from sex in order to prepare for my recent summer tour, where I decided […]

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Marriage as consipicous consumption.

In both the Christian and secular world the cost of weddings has gone up, as marriage has become more risky. New Zealanders are trailing behind Australians in how much they splash out on weddings, spending about half as much on their nuptials. A survey from Australia’s Bride To Be magazine shows the average wedding in […]

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Single or selfish?

There is a meme — it is too disorganized to call a movement — among contemporary men. It’s called going your own way. (MGTOW). Instead of getting involved in the dating scene, the marital stakes and the family court, one builds one’s life without relationships, and concentrates on what interests you. Most men who can […]

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