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Let us pray.

The issue we face is that the fashions of this day want us tossed and confused. They want us eating that which makes us emotionally unstable. They want us unhappy, faithless, dissatisfied, They would encourage us to burn every bridge in our life, so we are alone and needy. So we will gratefully become a […]

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Notes on a day of prayer.

It is Sunday morning, and the question remains? How shall we now live? Well, firstly, we shall meet. If we can, Kirk: if not with others. We have a friend arriving this morning and a concert to play in tonight. Secondly, we will live by the principles of God. But thirdly, we will apply them […]

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Prayer correlates with revival [Acts 1]

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We are past pentecost. Both in the annual calendar of the church and historically: Luke wrote his history of the acts following his gospel. And he did have a methodology: at the beginning of the gospel he said that he had talked to the eyewitnesses to these events. Those he did not witness himself. This […]

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Prayer: Is God found most when we feel failure?

I want to start today with the fear of the abyss, in part because the scripture today leads us right over it. We will be accused: we will be challenged, and we will have this voice telling us that there are other things that are important, for busyness can be a way of avoiding that […]

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Trust the process: some quotage and some goals for this year.

I have to start this quotage with some words from Lucia, who really reminds us that our dating system ain’t from the common era, but the Christian one. Approximately 2014 years ago, something so momentous happened that it literally split history in half. That momentous even was the birth of God as a human being, […]

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