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The burn rate is broken people.

I read that the Z man has been taken down from twitter because someone decided he was suicidal (he was being trolled, hard, because he disliked an idiot, Jewish variety). Expect more of this. Expect the platforms to be taken: now that people are being shot for being zampolits, remember that the zampolits response has […]

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We are saved, already. Or not.

As Barry said, in his last sermon to our congregation, for he is retiring, let us back up the track. He talked about songs that are played on the radio for Christmas. And how the gospel is not Santa putting us on naughty and nice lists. That is plastic. We are not Christians because we […]

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More precious than you nation is Christ.

Peter is writing to the people of the dispersion. I would argue that these people were Jews, who had scattered around the Roman Empire to the point where at times they were expelled from Rome. I am less sure where it was written, or if Jerusalem was still standing. For Jerusalem fell soon after the […]

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Baptism for what?

  I was taking some photos yesterday and talking with a son, who asked my what most of my compatriots wanted in life. I replied with a cliche — a bach (holiday home), a boat, and a BMW. We also thought most people wanted to be loved, so we added a blonde (or brunette). But […]

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