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Ten years of error.

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Dalrock notes that is ten years since that paean to being a narcissist came out: Eat Pray Love. Which has caused more damage than it helped, and made a series of tourist destinations. While some women saw Eat Pray Love as nothing more than an entertaining beach read, others have used the book as a […]

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Dealing with churchian frivorce. [I Cor 7]

I am divorced. I hate divorce. I hate the industry that has been made around divorce. To those of you who are married and havign difficulties, listen to the epxerience of those of us who have been through the living hell which is the family courts. Having a divorce will hurt. Financially, emotionally, spiritually. It […]

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A pseudobiblical excuse for nagging.

I said this morning that women have a high and righteous calling to teach each other how to love their husbands and children, and how to submit to their husband. And here there is a lot of teaching, some of which is good, and some of which is dangerous. Submission and authority function hand-in-hand with […]

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Two cheers for the Papists [Rev 5]

I sent a note to Mundabor that I’m raising my cup of morning coffee (needed it is) to the Papists. For they turned back the tide that would dilute the teaching on divorce. Now, this teaching is one the Reformed do not agree with. But want to. Calvin feared divorce, and carefully studied the texts, […]

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The fifth column that would destroy us.

I spend a fair amount of time researching interventions about workplace violence. I know the epidemiology.[1] And I despise the Duluth Model. It is not science. It is not therapy. It is ideology. And unlike the Bass and Davis polemic of child sexual abuse, it has not been abandoned. Both cause damage. I can recall, […]

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