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The virtues of the narrative will kill you.

One of the reasons to read widely is that you will find wisdom even among the degenerate, for we are all made in the image of God. In fact, the self hating degenerate (and Anti Puritan confesses his atheism and bisexuality) are closer to God than the churchians who promote social justice because their self-hatred […]

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Christ, not virtue: Life, not death. [Acts 15]

The issues we have within our church are that we spend too much time thinking about behaviour that will not save us and not enough time thinking about those things that will preserve us. We spend too much time thinking that life needs to be deserving. We now know that we should fear this Nanny […]

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There is no virtue but Christ.

The virtue spirals of this life are but a delusion. You cannot earn your way into the favour of God. Our salvation is costly, for it took the death of a the one perfect man, God incarnate, to atone for my transgressions, let alone yours. The idea that we can somehow show that we are […]

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Virtue signalling is not salvation. [Gal 6]

I know the NZ Herald is not what it used to be. It has become a tabloid in size, campaigns, distorts, and thinks it can set the agenda. It used to be the paper of record in NZ. It is not: it is not balanced sufficiently and editorializes when it should be reporting. So excuse […]

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