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The need for repentence.

One of the consequences of having an elite that discounts religion is that they let in those who will preach destruction, and then there is blood. The end game of Islam is not repentence, it is war. It is counted by the increased number of martyrs. But I could be in error. It could be […]

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So we cannot be like them.

Why do the nations rage? Why do they need their symbols, and all converged under the green flag of convergence? For the shame of my nation, the muppets who managed to make a government of minority parties have voted against the USA moving its embassy to Jerusalem. Which is an internal matter for the USA […]

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A correction on Queen’s Birthday [Deut 11]

One of the things that Barry said on Sunday was that God was omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. That our God does not change. Therefore the warnings that were given to the Jews by Moses can apply to us as well. In this time of terror the question should not be if our leaders are stupid, […]

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Allah delenda est. [Jer 10]

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You read the daily lectionary in context. Today’s context is that there has been a terror attack in London. It appears that a man drove through a crowd and then tried to enter Parliament with a knife. As I am writing, the identity of the attacker (who was shot as he tried to kill others) […]

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Faith in Christ, not interfaith. [Jn 8]

The first point of rebellion against the ideologies of any age is to tell the truth. Most people will not be able to handle this: there is a limit to how much truth our self esteem can handle. Of course, wiser ages call self esteem pride, and do not worship it, but this age is […]

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