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Provided they get paid.

There is a reason that the SJW infest state churches. It is not that they want to subvert the gospel (though they do). It is because they have a secure salary for which they have limited accountability. In particular, they do not have any accountability to the few believers left. English Church, Royal Mail. To […]

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The stench.

I am no saint. I have done enough. That includes reading basically everything. But fandom has always left me cold. I’m not quite that weird: I have never liked dressing up, and I have never enjoyed being in a big crowd. Particularly if access to showers is limited. I prefer to interact with such down […]

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Social Activists ruin everything, church edition.

This is from Vox Popoli. Yes, many people don’t like it, but it brings up something I don’t raise in polite conversation here. Social Activism ruins everything. Vox got a letter. The first time I corresponded with you was last year, in which I asked advice about a church which brought in a San Francisco […]

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Out of season, preach [2 Tim 4]

The children of ideology lie as easily as their master, who is the father of lies. Using scare quotes after burning down the first floor of the Martin Luther King building at Bezerkly is justified. No, this is not satire. The key question now remains: Was the “violence” Wednesday night justified? I am of the […]

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An open lectionary post to Tony Campolo [II Thess 1]

Over at Carlos Slim’s Blog, one of the tame Churchians is saying that white Christians are irrelevant and we must all be beige because progress and them evil evangelicals voted trump. We,Tony Campolo was a spiritual advisor to Clinton, and his mate Jim Wallis was one to Obama. The amusing thing about their philosophical ineptitude […]

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