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St Stephen’s Day.

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Today is Boxing Day, which in the Antipodes means that there are two cricket tests starting, one in New Zealand and one in Australia, and the Sydney to Hoabart yacht race. It was the day when the servants were given gifts, and it is one of the 12 days of Christmas, for The season of […]

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Let us ignore Wil Wheaton.

One of the bleak parts of my job is that those who will kill lie. A person who is suicidal will look you straight in the eye and say they have improved: a sudden change is a warning sign, for they have decided to die, and are getting ready. A person who will kill will […]

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If they seek truth, they are with us [Acts 21]

We have a couple of choices in front of us. The first is if we take courage, or accede to the narrative of this time and fall with the elite into a unity of the damned, instead of a unity of Christ. We can choose to allow the narrative of the corporate state to win, […]

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If not nard, then blood [John 12]

Yesterday’s Sermon was interesting. The lecturer who took it, not our usual preacher (I live in a university town. Half the congregation have PhDs, and this man teaches at the local theological college) started out by noting that modern theologians consider Phillipians to be about division and conflict, and in his work, with one of […]

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May the Marching Season hit Paris Banleaux. [Acts 1]

We are at war. We have always been in a spiritual war, but now we are in a physical war. We have martyrs: what our orthodox friends would call neo-martyrs, those killed for the faith, but the Turk our foolish leaders have let in. Knife-wielding attackers interrupted a church service in France, forced the priest […]

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