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More precious than you nation is Christ.

Peter is writing to the people of the dispersion. I would argue that these people were Jews, who had scattered around the Roman Empire to the point where at times they were expelled from Rome. I am less sure where it was written, or if Jerusalem was still standing. For Jerusalem fell soon after the […]

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This post is NSFW. Nor is the gospel. [Rom 2]

It is Ramadan, and the mad and bad among our friends who are deluded enough to follow Mohammed are out in force. We have had the Orlando deaths. A policeman and his wife were killed in their home in a terrorist attack in near Paris. Before I quote, I should warn anyone with kids that […]

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Marian submission.

Today my Christmas break starts. The other passage of today is the Magnificat, which is inexplicably broken in half. However, we can correct that: the best Magnificat is Bach, which is 30 minutes, played fast. So some orthodox plain chant. The other text for today are II Sam 7, about the promises to David, and […]

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