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The coming social media implosion.

The killer app at present is social media. Not public social media, but private. It is not Facebook that matters, but messenger and Instagram. It is not twitter, but Gab. Twitter is for trolling. Without trolls, it has no utility. Which brings us to the fourth law of SJWs: Regulators ruin everything left. While the […]

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The fate of MySpace is the fate of Babylon.

The trouble with convergence is that it does not merely destroy: it removes any value in the remaining business model, and leaves fields not fallow but radioactive. The Romans sowed fields with salt: the current progressive narrative is more destructive. And when Babylon falls you are left with a wasteland. There is no joy, there […]

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The faceborg is bad for you

This paper made me go and have a look at my facebook stats. The average person in the cohort study had 300 facebook friends: I have under 70. I cannot access my like statistics: I need to recite number 12 of the 16 points and not care what people think of me. Because facebook is […]

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The marks of convergence

Compulsion If the narrative decides an option is not acceptable, it will not be offered. There is a reason why house prices are allowed to rise in the West: it ensures the wife must work, to keep the family fed, while the husband pays the mortgage. There used to be bright lines around loan amounts […]

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Notes from the code monkey.

This is not me: this is from a code monkey. But the same thing applies elsewhere. Reading about medications on-line is different from having to prescribe them: and only those who do prescribe them should write the guidelines about this. (And yes, I’ve done both). If you don’t have that experience, you keep on finding […]

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