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The truth that is feared leads to baptism.

Today the passages in the lectionary focus on Baptism, and this has not been without controversy within church history. There are whole theologies based around baptism: and I think that is an error. We base our faith on Christ. Not on ourselves or our acts. Not on how we do the act. But on Christ. […]

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Antifa is antichrist.

Yes, this is a lectionary post. About mob violence. Yes, it is in the Bible. Paul was no platformed: if the mob had its way he would have been killed then and there. He was rescued by the Romans, who thought he broke their law, which was harsh. As my Canadian Brother notes, the current […]

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Be salt. Be light. Be offensive [Matt 5].

After deviating away from the text yesterday, I want to stick to this, for it is the gospel, and it is a principle. You will be hated by this world if you take Christ as seriously as he deserves to be taken. For that means you will obey his commands. It means that you will […]

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Truth trumps “correct” speech [II Cor 4]

I was running last night and thinking about the weekend to come, and what would happen if I said precisely what was in my head. Particularly about marriage, or training young people, or elder-ship in the church. I would eat alone. Which never worries me that much: a long weekend is coming and the boys […]

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The ones called fools may be truthtellers.

I cannot spell. And this leads to people considering that my thoughts are trivial: throwing a quick insult — he claims to be an academic, but spell he cannot. Um, yes… Let me explain. An academic paper will be revised not once, or twice — unlike this blog which gets written basically as one draft […]

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