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Administration and Lectionary Collide.

After the last couple of days, life intrudes again. The sermon at equippers church was about praise getting you out of a jail. Needed, but that night there was a storm in the Midwest. And the power went out at the webhost. (No, this blog is not hosted in New Zealand. Latency matters). So instead […]

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Suicide in my email

Correlation A new report projects more than 1.6 million deaths due to drugs, alcohol, and suicide among people living in the United States during next decade (2016 to 2025). That would represent a 60% increase compared to the previous decade (2006 to 2015), which saw 1 million people die from drugs, alcohol, and suicide in […]

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Anxiety is not a risk factor for suicide, PTSD included?

There are many who will look at completed suicide and consider that any mental health disorder caused it. There are others who work from theory and consider that those who are frightened may be at risk, so those with clinical panic symptoms or phobias or overwhelming worry must be at higher risk. There is a […]

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Suicide prevention: is it resources?

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A hypotheses in JAMA psychiatry recently was that the number of beds (a proxy, albeit a poor one, for Mental Health Funding) has cecrased at the same time the suicide rate has increased. This is a correlation. But is it causative? The closure of most US public mental hospital beds and the reduction in acute […]

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Unequal yoke and suicide: Norway Data.

This paper makes me reflect on scripture. It may not be race that matters as much as religion. It is not as much race that matters here, I submit, but the unequal yoke. Norway was Christian and is of the West. Asia, particularly Turkey is of Islam and the East. I suggest it is more […]

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