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We are saved, already. Or not.

As Barry said, in his last sermon to our congregation, for he is retiring, let us back up the track. He talked about songs that are played on the radio for Christmas. And how the gospel is not Santa putting us on naughty and nice lists. That is plastic. We are not Christians because we […]

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A Man of God gets it wrong.

Our retired bishop puts on his hat and decides all those who want to ensure that TMetira Turei (who he is white knighting for) is not held accountable. Mate, no. Turia is an example. Of what not to do. Your sins, like mine, are not to be boasted about. It is better to talk about […]

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The first floods of July.

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We are unable to leave our home today, as the road into town is blocked. From where we live, we can see surface flooding on the road — and it is not yet high tide — but the reason the road is blocked is because of slips. Casa Weka is on a peninsula, and the […]

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The environment strikes back: Adoption is good for you.

It was an axiom in most social sciences that adoption was inevitably traumatic and harmful. When colleagues find out I am adopted, they go all caring and therapeutic and ask me about the birth parents and how horrible it was. They don’t know that my Mum and Dad were fantastic parents (and you were, if […]

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Proclaim this offense called Christ. [I Peter 1]

In Dunedin we have an odd service. The week after Easter we have a “Resurrection Sunday” evening service in the town hall. The reason for this is that the Easter weekend is one of the last holidays before winter (Anzac day, which is the 25th of this month, is very autumnal if not frankly wintry) […]

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