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Burn the Rainbow banner.

The people we choose to be judges, or are chosen for us, matter. The examples of corrupt practice include the sherriff who convicted the Dankula, and the judge who has decided to kill a UK toddler is a member of the rainbow alliance. But he is not the only one. It appears, that in the […]

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Be crunchy.

One of the problems we have, throughout the West, is that the unwritten rules, which make up cultures, are being broken down. There will always be conflicts between cultures and tribes: as the old gaffer told Bilbo — don’t go to Buckland, because the hobbits there are queer — despite being hobbits, and part of […]

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The van of peace and the disavowed Christian.

Yesterday I was having a chat with the local iwi medical research centre, run by the university. I am working on various research protocols, and the issue that concerns me clinically and research wise occurs disproportionately among the alienated, males, and the Maori, our indigenous population. Who are more likely, like NZ Europeans, to have […]

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Boycott Newshub.

The local media will not let Isreal Folau go unpunished. It was discussed in Church on Sunday (visiting, and the worship team did not nail it home: did not name him, did not ask for us to pray for him, but they did say that the anti Christian bigots were having a field day). I […]

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Never let an antichrist in.

As the time is short, so the number of Antichrists will increase. They will be loud. They will roar. They will say that Christ is not the prow and stern, but that there are other agendas. That we should conform to the fears of this time. That we should change. For society has progressed. This […]

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