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Commenting rules

Given the amount of difficulty with commentators I am revising the rules. My attitude is that of a certain person that the Social Justice Warriors (Science Fiction Branch) fear to name. Please note that his site chews through bandwidth, and this site should not.

As for the intellectual quality of the commenters, it has naturally gone down as the readership has grown from 3,000 daily to 100,000 daily, but due to my consistently weeding out posers, gammas, trolls, and liars, it is a considerably more honest discourse than one will find elsewhere.

I would much rather have 10 honest commenters of average intelligence than 100 highly intelligent dissemblers and deceivers all trying to push their false narratives on the readers here.

So, here are the new rules.

  1. It is my place and I own the banhammer. If you don’t like my decisions, start your own blog
  2. This is a hobby. My employer, my professional group have official opinions that may vary: but know this: if you doxx people here I will ban you instantly. If a name is in the public domain it is fair game, but if a NZ court suppresses it I will remove it — if I have not, tell me.
  3. There are some people who have been here for years, and they have more liberty than you will find. Because they have earned my trust.
  4. This place has got filters up: profanity, multiple links, active documents, spam. All spam is deleted: it won’t be reviewed.
  5. I don’t tolerate Papist versus reformed or ortnodox versus the West. Not everyone who comments here is Reformed. Not everyone is Christian. I’m not American. We have bigger problems than the nature of the theodokous.

The rules will be revised as needed.



6 thoughts on "Commenting rules"

  • Mckenzie says:

    Hi, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues.

    When I look at your website in Opera, it looks fine but when opening
    in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you
    a quick heads up! Other then that, fantastic blog!

    Only time I use windows is when I have to. And last time I did this, it did not overlap, which was on holiday a week or so ago. Opera works: so does firefox (well, the debianized version) and chrome… I use all three

  • jgarveyrose says:

    Hello! Love reading your missives. I am looking for a post on the effects of the long term use of psychotropics as they relate to folks who commit mass shootings. I thought sure that it was you who’d written it. I cannot find it in your archive. Thanks much. Do keep it up.

    • pukeko says:

      The psychotropic groups of medications (there are several) have several and overlapping effects. Most of the time the issue I have clinically is people coming off meds.

      Will look, but here is a hint: there is no medication for personality disorder, and none for evil.

      • jgarveyrose says:

        True. I do recall seeing some research pertinent to ADD medications and lack of impulse control perhaps due to physiological changes in the CNS. When I return to reread them they seem to have vaporized.

  • Hello, my name is River Devereux and I am a Christian filmmaker living in Auckland.
    I am a big fan of this site and have always found it to be very helpful and insightful.

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    As a fellow Christian, and one who is in need of all the support he can get, I was wondering if you would like to draw attention on this website or elsewhere towards my endeavor to raise donations for a film that serves the Lord. Please take a look at my page and email me if you would be interested in helping.


    God Bless,

    Put a blog post up with this.

  • Contact Form Removed due to tons of spam… pukeko number sixty at gmail dot com

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