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There are no soulmates. There is Love. [I Jn 4]

Twitter failed me not this morning. I was trying to find an illustration of why I was reluctant to post this passage, for we conflate love with romance. But love is more than that. Love is putting others before yourself. It is getting up and going to work. It is lighting the fire. It is […]

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We do not have spirituality, but the Spirit. We do not have Oprah, but love. [I Jn 4]

Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) pointed out that Dalrock had gone theological when he said that the modern church confuses love with being nice. We also confuse it with lust and over sharing; in the false thought that sharing is going to make things better, instead of abrading the boundaries that should exist. This is not a […]

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Love trumps power.

I am sitting in a hotel room, post academic meeting, somewhat jet lagged: it is 2 PM here had my body thinks it is time for dinner. And I am puzzled by the texts for today, and the way they differ. Now I consider dispensationalism a heresy. There is no fine division between one age […]

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Power and gifts serve Love.

I have been trying to avoid the Pentecostalist issue. In part because I have spent time in those churches, and in part because it is so controversial. So before we get into the scriptures for the day, I will way what I think. Firstly, I’m not a dispensationalist. What the church did in the early […]

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Duty, Honour, Love.

Yesterday I had a very long conversation with my son. It started with the idea of shunning. Going to Coventry. Not speaking to those who break the rules of society. For the rules of society are not its laws. Consider prostitution. This is legal in NZ. But a woman who works in the sex trade […]

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