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On true ethics.

There is a post modern non-ethics. It is a not ethics because it rejects natural law. By rejecting natural law, it removes any standard or pretense of objectivity. It becomes, overtly, an exercise in power: the old sins are boring and must become virtues, and the old virtues must become sins. One cannot talk of […]

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The death spiral of the clerk. [Kipple]

The clerk thinks that what he says or writes is of eternal significance. It is not. People can vote with their feet. People do vote with their feet. As there are more forms of entertainment, the old models become… outmoded. Telling those who leave they are stupid, leads to you being ignored. Sure. Of course. […]

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Sharia defines hate speech?

Gab has had difficulties dealing with trolls. But that is minor. What is more insidious is that the Germans are going after the webhosts and domain name servers. This has led to a purge. Of the most obvious Alt reich/retard sites. The message — from the multinational corporations — is that it is not merely […]

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Antifa is antichrist.

Yes, this is a lectionary post. About mob violence. Yes, it is in the Bible. Paul was no platformed: if the mob had its way he would have been killed then and there. He was rescued by the Romans, who thought he broke their law, which was harsh. As my Canadian Brother notes, the current […]

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