Sharia defines hate speech?

Gab has had difficulties dealing with trolls. But that is minor. What is more insidious is that the Germans are going after the webhosts and domain name servers. This has led to a purge. Of the most obvious Alt reich/retard sites. The message -- from the multinational corporations -- is that it is not merely … Continue reading Sharia defines hate speech?

Antifa is antichrist.

Yes, this is a lectionary post. About mob violence. Yes, it is in the Bible. Paul was no platformed: if the mob had its way he would have been killed then and there. He was rescued by the Romans, who thought he broke their law, which was harsh. As my Canadian Brother notes, the current … Continue reading Antifa is antichrist.

Corporations are tumbleweed.

This is an example of how to act. John C Wright is defending his editor. They disagree on many issues. They agree on more. They are fast friends. His editor says that Mr Wright is a better man and a better writer than him. I would say that the editor writes books I enjoy more. … Continue reading Corporations are tumbleweed.

We are too weak for satire [poem]

One poem commenting on two comments. The first is Stickwick, who has a job and writes academic books. The subject is that Foz Meadows accused Vox Day of being in the NSDAP reborn, which he not only denied but (as he knows the editor of Black Gate) got the relevant accusations removed. The charge of … Continue reading We are too weak for satire [poem]

What rude beast is this? [Rev 18]

Sometimes these write themselves. Today the elite as called all those who believe in righteous and justice and a freedom to worship God in peace deplorable. And I'll link back to the site she accuses of stirring this up. For I think Mr and Mrs Beale rock. I don't agree with everything they say, particularly … Continue reading What rude beast is this? [Rev 18]

Site stats for July

The stats measurements are as usual, odd. 13 K on Sitemeter, 9 K on WordPress Stats. Fairly consistent. Page Views Unique Visits First Time Visits Returning Visits July 2016 13,588 8,520 4,708 3,812 The question, however, is does this matter. I'd suggest you read Vox Day on this: he came to this late and from … Continue reading Site stats for July

The dying boomer apostates. [Heb 6]

Glen Frey is dead. David Bowie and Alan Rickman died last week. I can recall that when the Eagles arrived in NZ for their farewell tour a fair number of those who remember the 1970s (the first time: history is repeating, as a farce, at present) went to see them as a nostalgia thing. As … Continue reading The dying boomer apostates. [Heb 6]

Petunia nagging fail [Mt 22]

One of my good friends, the man who recruited me into the job I had, is a skeptic. An old style freethinker. And, it being the time of year it is, he held is Christmas party. His partner, who he met at the skeptics society, had some of her friends, and we had a good … Continue reading Petunia nagging fail [Mt 22]

Expect opposition [I Peter 4]

Well, we are going to have a fairly tough time. Locally, it appears that my town is going to be a refugee centre. This led to a very scary conversation at lunchtime, when a Singhalese colleague who has just come from the UK made the comment that the Christians and Yezhadis and Amalites have fled … Continue reading Expect opposition [I Peter 4]

The worm is turning… but which way?

The current narrative in the press, and in the blogs, is relating to racism. A term that bores me: I deem it meaningless. Meaningless: the very vagueness leads to a sense that there can be a moral panic. Which is what we have in the USA: what we are having reported to us. In the … Continue reading The worm is turning… but which way?