White Knights ruin everything.

There are problems when any group are allowed to let their feelings rule, and there is no restriction and restraint. This includes women: women are not exempt from the fall nor are they without moral agency. But they have a track record of corrupting their husbands and those who would want to be their lovers, … Continue reading White Knights ruin everything.

No sign shall be given: the signs are already here. [Mark 8]

This morning it came to me. Jesus sighed with frustration. He had been healing. He had fed thousands. He had preached the kingdom of God. But the Pharisees wanted confirmation. They wanted something spectacular: fire from heaven falling on sodden sacrifices, as in the day of Elijah. There would be no spectacular sign for this … Continue reading No sign shall be given: the signs are already here. [Mark 8]

Choose Christ or this world [Acts 11]

The pattern among the early church of evangelism was one of obedience. They were told to wait in Jerusalem. They did. They were told to then preach throughout Judea. They did. They were then told to preach to the whole world. But they started with their own people. The early disciples were Jews. They taught … Continue reading Choose Christ or this world [Acts 11]

Maori Revisionists Always Lie.

This is from John Ansell's facebook page. We don't give facebook traffic, because the Zuckerberg wants us all nicely to converge and encourages anyone who hates the West. But it is accurate for New Zealand. John has more courage than I do: his website drains the left's hate nicely. The text of the treaty is … Continue reading Maori Revisionists Always Lie.

Grenfell Tower is a standard leftist tragedy.

If there was a Tory in charge of London there would be demonstrations demanding his resignation. Let us count the errors so far: I won't link to them all. There was no sprinkler system There was a fire-retardant version of the cladding put on the building. It was not used, because it cost more There … Continue reading Grenfell Tower is a standard leftist tragedy.

The disruption is affecting Apple..

A couple of days ago I talked about the Pine64 and embedded community being now powerful enough to do everyday work. I am getting a pine64 board and will report on if it can handle what I do, from photo processing to running statistics packages. But there are consequences. One is that Apple is failing. … Continue reading The disruption is affecting Apple..

Flee the synagogues of Satan [Jn 8]

God is not going to play favourites. You are accountable for your sins. If you are a Jew, you are doubly accountable, for you have the law and the prophets. If you are a pagan, you are accountable. for the law of nature is in front of you and you know right from wrong. You … Continue reading Flee the synagogues of Satan [Jn 8]

The cathedral will measure convergence.

Ths is from Psychiatric News, and it relates to the idea that diversity is good, and it must increase. That we must all converge. As these very worthy people tell me how to do my job... I keep on thinking there is no idiocy like academic Yankee idiocy. You see, I have a bad habit. … Continue reading The cathedral will measure convergence.

The converged poet.

Tagore is a precursor, and this is published over a century ago. Yes it is a translation. But his idea of dissolution, his love of death, and his hatred of order is now working itself out in the chaos of the West and ongoing hatreds in the East. This may look beautiful, but it is … Continue reading The converged poet.

The bright progressive lie [Rom 8]

What does the implosion of the Fourth Reich have to do with St Paul and us? I don't live in Europe. I live in a country which, historically, had an economic niche in feeding Europe. I am a child of an older empire: one that the home nation abandoned to join a bright and shining … Continue reading The bright progressive lie [Rom 8]