Let us pray.

The issue we face is that the fashions of this day want us tossed and confused. They want us eating that which makes us emotionally unstable. They want us unhappy, faithless, dissatisfied, They would encourage us to burn every bridge in our life, so we are alone and needy. So we will gratefully become a … Continue reading Let us pray.

Assurance [Rom 8]

This morning we have to make a judgement call. It has been clear and sunny, which means that we will have icy roads: they may not be gritted as the council is still recovering from floods and frost last weekend. So we will make call in about 30 minutes about if we can get to … Continue reading Assurance [Rom 8]

Soterology matters.

Bruce Charlton has written that metaphysics matter. He is correct. I'd argue that salvation (soteriology) matters as much or more. There are two parts to this. The first part is that we are, by nature, fallen. We are unable to gain salvation by our own efforts. This is total and complete. We cannot come to … Continue reading Soterology matters.

Salvation over power [Lk 6]

Since I am currently in a foreign country and my Cantonese is primitive, I went walking yesterday. I found the Mormon church, and the Methodist centre. I did not find the Presbyterians. Admittedly I am staying in a district close to the conference centre, and near the water: Most people in Hong Kong and most … Continue reading Salvation over power [Lk 6]

Proclaim this offense called Christ. [I Peter 1]

In Dunedin we have an odd service. The week after Easter we have a "Resurrection Sunday" evening service in the town hall. The reason for this is that the Easter weekend is one of the last holidays before winter (Anzac day, which is the 25th of this month, is very autumnal if not frankly wintry) … Continue reading Proclaim this offense called Christ. [I Peter 1]

SJW the door to the light shut [John 3]

For those who have not worked it out, I use the book of Common Prayer lectionary, in the English Standard Version. The ESV is a reasonably competent translation: it is as literalist as you can get moving from Greek to English. The Bible of James is beautiful, but there have been better jobs done over … Continue reading SJW the door to the light shut [John 3]

The Blood of Christ, not the blood of the tribe [I Jn 5]

The normal service of the lectionary has been resumed. We have a passage that requires more coffee, for thinking my way through this makes my head hurt. Yet it is important: for within it are a few promises those of faith stake their life on. That our belief is not in man, or our tribe, … Continue reading The Blood of Christ, not the blood of the tribe [I Jn 5]

Exploding Unitarian and Evolutionitarian heads.

Yesterday it was a rare thing in Autumn, a calm day, and I was able to detour on the way to work and look at the harbour. Here we see one of the dredges that keeps the inner harbour navigable and a container: this is not a natural space, but one that Dunedin has built … Continue reading Exploding Unitarian and Evolutionitarian heads.

No commentary would suffice, nor compare.

There are some times that the words of the Lord need no explanation, and to comment feels wrong. The text should stand alone. Moving into the issues of how people are condemned already... is moving into a controversy that is not needed. John 3:16-21 16"For God so loved the world that he gave his only … Continue reading No commentary would suffice, nor compare.