No longer from dust.

The lectionary has taken us into teaching that I only hear in funerals. In fact, I don't think I have heard a sermon on this passage in my life. We do not think about the fate of our bodies, and that in our flesh we shall see God This is an ancient teaching. Many argue … Continue reading No longer from dust.

What we are not [Mark 12]

Over this post Easter Week, I have been looking at texts that relate to the resurrection, and stating, over and over again, that the core of Christian faith is that Christ rose from the dead. It is not that hew as a moral teacher, or about love, or good things. It is not that we … Continue reading What we are not [Mark 12]

Not in vain [I Cor 15]

Overnight, I have been converting most of the laptops to a rolling release of OpenSuse. This has taken considerable time. I've also got a considerable amount of work on. The boys are in mid-semester break, with projects to do and the first examination of the year looming. The gym was difficult, as I'm fighting off … Continue reading Not in vain [I Cor 15]

Christ rose: the traditionalists doubled down.

Today's text is the resurrection account from Matthew. Matthew was writing primarily to the Jewish Christians, and includes some interesting details. We find that politicians protect those who lie on their behalf. That cover ups exist. And that the true work of God causes fear in those remaining. (There were now 11 disciples; Judas was … Continue reading Christ rose: the traditionalists doubled down.

Orcs and Resurrection.

There is a certain biological stupidity in neuroscience. Anatomy, or blood flow, is seen as destiny. The brain structures are seen as fixed. They are not. They are fluid: this took the work of a few engineering types who are not that neurotypical counting every structure in electron microscopes and finding the bulk of our … Continue reading Orcs and Resurrection.

Do not be afraid.

What to say about the resurrection that has not been said before? The answer to that is nothing. But good things have to be re-said. And said again. The question from the text, however, is that the women had to be told twice not to fear. Not because they were weak, but because what they … Continue reading Do not be afraid.

Sad Puppies cause Butthurt, and the glory to come.

Yesterday I got the texts muddled up, but I made some notes reading around and they apply in part to yesterday's text, so here goes. Via Kathy Shaidie, a Canadian conservative who found this link about a UK feminist who is hitting her head against the wall. I would add, that although retirement is for … Continue reading Sad Puppies cause Butthurt, and the glory to come.

The prime directive is Christ, not ephemera.

Today we need to do a bit of contrastiness, but the main issue for the day is the proclamation of the gospel of Christ. It is easter Sunday. Over the weekend the History Channel is doing the usual "Real Jesus" stuff... which I avoid. One of the lads said it does not matter providing that … Continue reading The prime directive is Christ, not ephemera.

Sabaoth and Return.

Yesterday was an odd day. One half of the day was hot to the point that it was physically painful to go outside and I hunkered in the bedroom, curtains drawn, doors open (I have a door to an outside porch in my room) and doing wordpress administration. Or arguing. Then the rain came, and … Continue reading Sabaoth and Return.

Resurrection will be for all, but you may not like it.

I managed to get my days muddled up yesterday and read todays lectionary then. So I have now read it twice. Today we are deep into theology. Let us be clear here. jesus is claiming to be God. Now, if you are an observant Jew, that is either blasphemy or the mutterings of a madman. … Continue reading Resurrection will be for all, but you may not like it.