More precious than you nation is Christ.

Peter is writing to the people of the dispersion. I would argue that these people were Jews, who had scattered around the Roman Empire to the point where at times they were expelled from Rome. I am less sure where it was written, or if Jerusalem was still standing. For Jerusalem fell soon after the … Continue reading More precious than you nation is Christ.

This post is NSFW. Nor is the gospel. [Rom 2]

It is Ramadan, and the mad and bad among our friends who are deluded enough to follow Mohammed are out in force. We have had the Orlando deaths. A policeman and his wife were killed in their home in a terrorist attack in near Paris. Before I quote, I should warn anyone with kids that … Continue reading This post is NSFW. Nor is the gospel. [Rom 2]

Orlando means we should preach the gospel proudly.

After the Orlando shooting, Louisa Wall has spoken from the editorial chair of the Herald. She is a local MP, married to her female partner, and she sees all this as a reason to regulate religion. To quote her, for the left think she is a saint, and she produces most of the memes of … Continue reading Orlando means we should preach the gospel proudly.

Priesthood. [Heb 5]

What is this thing called a priest? Do they exist in this life? Is it a special calling? Calvin summarizes before he expands on this. He first says that the priests were taken from among men; secondly, that they did not act a private part but for the whole people; thirdly, that they were not … Continue reading Priesthood. [Heb 5]

Marian submission.

Today my Christmas break starts. The other passage of today is the Magnificat, which is inexplicably broken in half. However, we can correct that: the best Magnificat is Bach, which is 30 minutes, played fast. So some orthodox plain chant. The other text for today are II Sam 7, about the promises to David, and … Continue reading Marian submission.

Antifragile doctrine [Titus 2]

I was talking theology with the son. Who thinks his theology is bad: but then said that we will be judged, and we will all be found wanting. Without that, there is no need for Christ. In the middle of a discussion about the crusades, and if it is correct that one can redeem oneself … Continue reading Antifragile doctrine [Titus 2]

Judge without ideology [Zech 8]

The key part of this passage is not the promise, though the promise is true and needed. It is what we are to do. Not fear. The elite want us to fear. Speak truth, not the lies we speak out of fear of the elite. Judge truly, not using a politically correct filter, as demanded … Continue reading Judge without ideology [Zech 8]

Act with discipline [I Tim 4].

I don't use the revised common lectionary, but the Book of Common Prayer. So the sermon today was from James: we talked about being doers of the word, and not hearers only, and about the plans of osme of our congregation to go and with Habitat for Humanity in Nepal (Earthquakes resonate in NZ. We … Continue reading Act with discipline [I Tim 4].

Comment at Empath’s (on Divorce)

My comment on a post at Empath's (thanks Elspeth, for linking to this) When I was almost divorced, when I thought I was to be divorced, when I lived alone with my small dog in an apartment with my family back min our large house on acreage against a lake front, huge pool and just … Continue reading Comment at Empath’s (on Divorce)

Purity and universalism.

Today I am (in part because I slept in, and in part because we like it) going to Grace Presbyterian Church. This group split from the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand (PCANZ) over a few liberal issues: mainly around the issues of women elders and, following that, toleration of sin within the church. They … Continue reading Purity and universalism.