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The war the elite fears.

How should we restore the house of God? How should we build? For we will be mocked. Harshly. The enemy will take over, and control the funds. They will leave us with ruins. Every church that becomes a mosque, or a home, or a nightclub is a victory. But two can play at that game. […]

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All institutions are hypocritical.

Never underestimate the hypocrisy of those in power. Never. For they will be pious, they will cloak whatever they do in righteousness, and they will be careful to keep the regulations of the culture. But they will game them. For many in power — regardless of where you are — the labels matter more than […]

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If saying the hope of the world is Christ is hate speech, say it anyway.

There is a lot of noise at the moment about the Commonwealth Games. The festival — together with a local soccer team beating West Ham in a friendly — is on the front page of the herald, followed by publicity of the two acceptable wars: accusing the Russians of covering up or interfering in the […]

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The destruction of the West would be just.

There is a very good bit of satire making the rounds of the blogs at present written by a David Huntworth. It applies directly to the text for today, for it states the delusions of this age in plain English. “At the beginning of the Twenty First century a new religion rose to great acclaim […]

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