Commanded not to be silent.

In which a Calvinist agrees with a Tridentine Catholic. Because my Catholic brother speaks the truth. The truth accepts all who live it as their friends. It is not confined to the divisions in churches. But then, neither is heresy, and FrancisChurch is an ancient error: that if I give all my goods to the … Continue reading Commanded not to be silent.

Against the Liberal and their religions [Deut 9]

It is not the Muslim who is our enemy. It is those who oppose Christ and his word. For the beginning of wisdom is to know that you are not God, and that the Peoples of this earth are not one. That we will not ever be able to build a Jerusalem in England, for … Continue reading Against the Liberal and their religions [Deut 9]

Against the judges, for the incarnation [Jn 10]

One of the commentators I looked at said that Jesus made his defense to calling himself God on but one word in the Law, saying that scripture could not be changed. He was referring to Psalm 82, which is about corrupt judges, who considered themselves above others. It is not exactly a psalm that praises … Continue reading Against the judges, for the incarnation [Jn 10]

No virtue signalling, again [Mt 23]

I have a pile of symbols on my wall: things I don't wear to work. Greenstone (pounamu) given to me by Tainui when I left for Otago. A cross from First Presbyterian, celtic. And then there is the bracelet or band from this year's Murph challenge on a shelf somewhere. Because I don't wear these … Continue reading No virtue signalling, again [Mt 23]

What we are not [Mark 12]

Over this post Easter Week, I have been looking at texts that relate to the resurrection, and stating, over and over again, that the core of Christian faith is that Christ rose from the dead. It is not that hew as a moral teacher, or about love, or good things. It is not that we … Continue reading What we are not [Mark 12]

On lawful schism.

God tells us to be one, but it is also true that at times the church has split. This essay is suggesting that sometimes separation and schism is needed. Sometimes a line has to be drawn. For sometimes churches rot, and become one with Babylon: and from Babylon we must flee. In writing this, I … Continue reading On lawful schism.

The ecumenical delusion.

I went this morning to a Sunday service, with very professional music, and one of the local popular musicians contributing a song during the Offertory. The sermon was on the words we say, and how they can be for good or for ill. How we should speak a word in season, and with wisdom... but … Continue reading The ecumenical delusion.