These are the days [Rom 14]

It quote brother Mundabor a fair amount. One of the people I read and quote is Scott, who is Serbian Orthodox. I consider both members of troubled churches: there are many faithful in the Roman Church, but few of them are in the leadership, which seems to want to converge with the Uniting Church of Canada and the PCUSA, if not the Unitarians. For the leadership must defend sound doctrine, and that we have from the beginning. Read More

Rhetoric is not exegesis [I Cor 4]

I like John Wright. I also like Hilaire Belloc, Ann Bernhardt, and Mundabor. They may not like being put in the same group, but all of them are unapologetically Catholic (Roman) and I prefer my coffee and wine neat. (I would have included Alte in… Read More

Apostasy elite violent makes [Mt 24]

Every morning in my inbox I have a series of concerns and issues. If I switch on the news there is war and rumours of terror. But we have good news. It is going to get far worse. The people of the lie will continue to manipulate, to believe… Read More

The truth is not abusive, Petunia offense notwithstanding [I Peter 5]

Well, we have those who see all discipline as abuse and all confrontation as power come in and double down on the church. Dalrock has a series of articles about the wife of a pastor who claims she was abused... and now wants out. And the… Read More

Academic cowardice and the world does not care for college football.

I have some news for the Left. My love is outlawed. For I try, and fail, to obey the greatest command. To love the LORD my God with all my heart and soul and mind. The last two generations have forgotten that: thinking that if they regulate how we… Read More

The font of SJW hatred: the Kingdom to Come [Neh 6]

It is interesting how things work in parallel, My Papist Brother's last blog post is a perfect introduction to the text for today, and I would happily agree with his sentiment. For I am no elder. I sit in the pew. Although I have some (rusty) Greek… Read More

Two cheers for the Papists [Rev 5]

I sent a note to Mundabor that I'm raising my cup of morning coffee (needed it is) to the Papists. For they turned back the tide that would dilute the teaching on divorce. Now, this teaching is one the Reformed do not agree with. But want to. Calvin… Read More