Commanded not to be silent.

In which a Calvinist agrees with a Tridentine Catholic. Because my Catholic brother speaks the truth. The truth accepts all who live it as their friends. It is not confined to the divisions in churches. But then, neither is heresy, and FrancisChurch is an ancient error: that if I give all my goods to the … Continue reading Commanded not to be silent.

For the marriage of the godly.

It is not often that I need to give a warning, but the ugly truth of this post is not suitable for work. I also not my experience. Though I will note that almost all the bloggers that Sigma Frame quotes have been through the divorce industrial complex and survived it. And turned to faith. … Continue reading For the marriage of the godly.

Pray more [Democracy is a dinosaur].

As this year stumbles towards its inevitable decline and the summer holidays start in the Antipodes, many journals and blogs are reflecting on the year. As if things will change in 2018. What is clear is that we are in a generational crisis, and this does not follow neat divisions in time. The pressure is … Continue reading Pray more [Democracy is a dinosaur].

The patterns are here. I am not a prophet.

I am not a shepherd or a dresser of sycamore trees. I am an academic psychiatrist, sitting in an airport lounge. Sweet life, you say. But over the last two days... The first thing I saw in Sydney was a sharps dispenser The number of hipsters was too high, and their lives are spent on … Continue reading The patterns are here. I am not a prophet.

Stumbling blocks and war.

On a day when I am using the first letter of St Peter as the text, let us begin with my favourite feral Papist[1]. He is talking about warrior ants exposing the lies that exist in the Curia, For they have gutted Catholicism, and wear the body as a skin suit, demanding fealty. There will … Continue reading Stumbling blocks and war.

Choose truth. Shun Fairness.

John was writing on Patmos towards the end of the first century. Most scholars would suggest that this is the last part of scripture written: let us ignore the higher criticism that states, against the evidence from the patristic texts of the second and third century, that the gospels, acts and letters of Paul were … Continue reading Choose truth. Shun Fairness.

Tactics with the new Red Guard.

Again, tactics. Mundabor has noted that the Vatican is a scandal. Again. I hope brother, I am using the word correctly: a scandal is not a sin. The Democrats are not a scandal, for no one considers that those power-hungry perverts consider anything but pleasure and power. A scandal destroys faith among believers. Inviting those … Continue reading Tactics with the new Red Guard.

The Fat Pharisees and Hungry Disciples.

The morning plan involves a run. Which will not happen certain days when I do procedures at an early hour. This is one of these days, and after yesterday's gym session Robyn is saying that everything hurts. We have a blog I need to update about eating healthy -- so it does not take over … Continue reading The Fat Pharisees and Hungry Disciples.

No longer from dust.

The lectionary has taken us into teaching that I only hear in funerals. In fact, I don't think I have heard a sermon on this passage in my life. We do not think about the fate of our bodies, and that in our flesh we shall see God This is an ancient teaching. Many argue … Continue reading No longer from dust.

There is no virtue but Christ.

The virtue spirals of this life are but a delusion. You cannot earn your way into the favour of God. Our salvation is costly, for it took the death of a the one perfect man, God incarnate, to atone for my transgressions, let alone yours. The idea that we can somehow show that we are … Continue reading There is no virtue but Christ.