On lawful schism.

God tells us to be one, but it is also true that at times the church has split. This essay is suggesting that sometimes separation and schism is needed. Sometimes a line has to be drawn. For sometimes churches rot, and become one with Babylon: and from Babylon we must flee. In writing this, I … Continue reading On lawful schism.

The destruction of the West would be just.

There is a very good bit of satire making the rounds of the blogs at present written by a David Huntworth. It applies directly to the text for today, for it states the delusions of this age in plain English. "At the beginning of the Twenty First century a new religion rose to great acclaim … Continue reading The destruction of the West would be just.

The social democratic experiment is over. [Quotage]

There is an endgame for social democracy. As Margaret Thatcher said: socialism endeth when you run out of other people's money. And that will not look good. Sadly, for the beneficiaries and the benefactors (more accurately, parasites and producers), this system cannot last. For there are some Malthusian mathematical limits inherent into this system. What … Continue reading The social democratic experiment is over. [Quotage]

Faithfulness and cost.

We interrupt the usual lectionary with some joyous news: Alla & NSR are now married. The post up is around Biblical marriage and it is worth reading. Over the last few days I have been looking at where the church is going and the Bible: it is in part driven by some personal challenges, and … Continue reading Faithfulness and cost.

The (Laodecean) Reformed.

I have always considered this applies to my church. The Reformed have toe or three flaws: we tend to intellectualize; we tend to distrust emotions, and we manage to acquire wealth. One of the signs people consider to see if you are of the elect -- incorrectly, as the passage indicates -- is that you … Continue reading The (Laodecean) Reformed.

We do not act on our feelings.

Homosexuality is legal in NZ. Homosexual marriages are licit. And the pressure on the church to crumble -- because people are humiliated that they do not meet the standard of the church -- is starting. We were assured this would not happen. But it will. And this is one situation where the Anglicans are correct … Continue reading We do not act on our feelings.

The role of righteous.

It is the beginning of a new week, and I think around the world we will all be praying for peace, or more peace than last week. Apart from a bunch of Chechnyan bombing a marathon, which is causing anger to rise, and the anger will be terrible to see) there have been floods, earthquakes, … Continue reading The role of righteous.

God not man and My Home Town.

There are two things that are running through my head this morning. One is a comment by an American Cardinal that has gone viral. The other is something that is happening in my home town. Let's start with the Cardinal, because that flows into the text. The present political campaign has brought to the surface … Continue reading God not man and My Home Town.

Canaries in the apostate mineshaft.

I think my Father is being spared by the LORD almighty. His mother was dead at my age from cardiac difficulties, and he had his first heart attack around the same age. Thirty years later and a multiple health issues later, he is a rock of the faith. And he coordinates for Exodus ministries, working … Continue reading Canaries in the apostate mineshaft.

Ignore the offendi. Commit “hate crimes”.

There is a new tribe who have power. They are the offendi -- the perpetually offended. They bowdlerize comedy (because it is racist). They insist that we do not say what we think. Rod Little described them accurately One of these days, not too far away, the entire bourgeois bien-pensant left will self-immolate entirely leaving … Continue reading Ignore the offendi. Commit “hate crimes”.