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Anathema, Anathema, Anathema.

Theology makes peoples teeth itch. It is deemed offensive. But it is needed. Needed. For without a structure to our belief, we fall into error. What we see as wisdom is instead foolishness. This has led our churches into apostasy, and as Michaelpoulos notes, the presiding Archbishop of the Orthodox Church in America (I hope […]

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The profitability of greyness.

Overnight there has been an earthquake on the Iran/Iraq border. About a seven: the death toll could be in the hundreds. The last earthquake we had around that level has a repair budget of 1.2 billion dollars, and the main road north, destroyed, is almost repaired a year later. But that is not what is […]

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It is wiser to fear God than Man [Deut 18]

There is a clear and present danger. It is not Trump, though he said truth in part about Islam — that the fanatics of that demon kill each other more frequently than they kill those of Christ. He neglected to say that the fanatics have pretty much genocided those of Christ in the Middle East […]

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