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Burn the Rainbow banner.

The people we choose to be judges, or are chosen for us, matter. The examples of corrupt practice include the sherriff who convicted the Dankula, and the judge who has decided to kill a UK toddler is a member of the rainbow alliance. But he is not the only one. It appears, that in the […]

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The wrath of Nature and God.

Overnight, the Israel Folau hate speech controversy became an official ten minutes of hate against Israel and his wife. They have my sympathy, and the deserve our prayers. The head of the Green Party, Marama Davidson, took to Twitter to give a sermon about his hateyness, and one of the more woke Wellington rugby team […]

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The burn rate is broken people.

I read that the Z man has been taken down from twitter because someone decided he was suicidal (he was being trolled, hard, because he disliked an idiot, Jewish variety). Expect more of this. Expect the platforms to be taken: now that people are being shot for being zampolits, remember that the zampolits response has […]

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Against the praise of those who make Martyrs.

There will be more martyrs, and they will be in the name of diversity. The early signs are there. When a kid gets expelled for following the law of the land from his high school — then you know that you have fascists running the place. But, you may say, this young man was alt […]

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A plea for hate speech.

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When I was a child I was taught this rhyme. Sticks and Stones may break my bones But names will never hurt me There was playground bullying. A lot of it. When my boys were young they were bullied: for their school was majority Muslim with a Somali minority, and they were mixed race and […]

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