Green temptation.

What is interesting in the passage today -- the temptation of Christ -- is what he was not tempted with. There was no offering of women or men to be his bed partners. There was no issue with wealth. The temptations related to power, and surrounding these people will lie, steal, bribe and entrap. Today's … Continue reading Green temptation.

What the death of God looked like.

It is Monday morning here, but it is Sunday in the States, and this time the southern states are under the pump. I am aware that there are bloggers there, whom I have followed for years. Prayers for them. "It's a monster hurricane out there -- it's bringing along with it something to be feared," … Continue reading What the death of God looked like.

Bread, no circus [Mark 8]

A lot of people will consider this as a justification for not merely soup kitchens, but a system of social distribution. Christ fed the crowd. So we must feed all: there must be no poverty. No. The poor will always be with us. There will always be those whose businesses fail, who can no longer … Continue reading Bread, no circus [Mark 8]

Dig, dig, dig

The situation with a leader of one of the political parties vying for ministerial portfolios confessing to cheating continues to cause issues. Green co-leader Metiria Turei has spoken to a fraud investigator from the Ministry of Social Development, and said she will meet with them to discuss her case next week. The conversation came after … Continue reading Dig, dig, dig

Why Turei is electoral poison.

Metira Turei is a Green MP. Unfortunately, she lives in my town. She's never been particularly smart, honest, or humble. She's known as a Green princess, looking down on the peons while living in a castle outside of the town. And she has now confessed that she ripped off the social welfare system. She has … Continue reading Why Turei is electoral poison.

The first controlled trial?

There is a legendary Sign that apparently used to be up in New England -- as in the image, "In God we trust, all other's pay cash" The researcher's version is also well-known... all others better have a double-blind controlled trial or a meta analysis. I think the first use of an experiment as a … Continue reading The first controlled trial?

Political correctness == feminist idiocy.

This is not exactly a good time to meditate on the word of God. I was watching a NZ programme called Q&A and the Greens leader came on to talk about his new economic package. It became clear that he was advocating that NZ follow the US, UK and EU down the rabbit hole to … Continue reading Political correctness == feminist idiocy.