We are saved, already. Or not.

As Barry said, in his last sermon to our congregation, for he is retiring, let us back up the track. He talked about songs that are played on the radio for Christmas. And how the gospel is not Santa putting us on naughty and nice lists. That is plastic. We are not Christians because we … Continue reading We are saved, already. Or not.

More precious than you nation is Christ.

Peter is writing to the people of the dispersion. I would argue that these people were Jews, who had scattered around the Roman Empire to the point where at times they were expelled from Rome. I am less sure where it was written, or if Jerusalem was still standing. For Jerusalem fell soon after the … Continue reading More precious than you nation is Christ.

Hymns for Bruce.

We buried Bruce today. It is not my place to talk too much of his life, for I only knew him over the last three years. He had thirty years in the church he served. He had sixty years in the tramping club. He was married 68 years. His children, grandchildren and about 250 others … Continue reading Hymns for Bruce.

Baptism for what?

  I was taking some photos yesterday and talking with a son, who asked my what most of my compatriots wanted in life. I replied with a cliche -- a bach (holiday home), a boat, and a BMW. We also thought most people wanted to be loved, so we added a blonde (or brunette). But … Continue reading Baptism for what?

Repeition is good. (The unreliability of qualifications).

Some days I think that this blog cycles over the same message. The same things. I have written the same post over a thousand times. I’m already totally stressed out and busy, and I’m starting to get the feeling that I’m just repeating myself. Sometimes I think, “I should write a post about THIS!” and … Continue reading Repeition is good. (The unreliability of qualifications).

The Churchian endgame.

I want to start today with quoting something Bill Price wrote last night, comparing the growth of the Amish (which is by having children and them staying in the community, not bu conversion) with the Episcopalians. More in sorrow than anger: I know godly Anglicans. I also know that there is a faction within that … Continue reading The Churchian endgame.

No commentary would suffice, nor compare.

There are some times that the words of the Lord need no explanation, and to comment feels wrong. The text should stand alone. Moving into the issues of how people are condemned already... is moving into a controversy that is not needed. John 3:16-21 16"For God so loved the world that he gave his only … Continue reading No commentary would suffice, nor compare.

Don’t subvert the discourse. Reverse it.

A large amount of the philosophy around politics, in both the right and the left, is postmodern. These people do not talk about the truth, because they only see the truth as a social construct, driven by the narrative or discourse of society, and with signfiers or code words or dog whistles attached within it … Continue reading Don’t subvert the discourse. Reverse it.

Pushing the envelope.

I will get to the discussion in Kirk this morning in a minute. As this is Sunday, there is double reading (if you want to do it): the daily readings and the lectionary readings for this week. Before I get to Kirk, I want to contrast that with.  MARK 1:21-27 21They went to Capernaum; and … Continue reading Pushing the envelope.