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Entryism is idolatry

Where are the idols of this age? Where to we bow to something that is not our God? Some would say that it is our besetting sins: our deepest desires. And there are those who do make their job, their fitness, or their ideology the prime thing in their life. But I wonder if we […]

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Marian submission.

Today my Christmas break starts. The other passage of today is the Magnificat, which is inexplicably broken in half. However, we can correct that: the best Magnificat is Bach, which is 30 minutes, played fast. So some orthodox plain chant. The other text for today are II Sam 7, about the promises to David, and […]

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Two cheers for the sex negative. [Matt 14, Rev 14]

I have a few speculations relating to these passages, and there are few sacred cows that need to meet the shotgun of the word. Let’s start with the first; Women are not saints.I asked myself this when attempting a short break from sex in order to prepare for my recent summer tour, where I decided […]

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The dialectic of submission. [Rom 13]

I got a good scolding at music yesterday. One son is about to go to the high school prom — having avoided it for years, he was ambushed in such a manner where he said yes and is now not looking forward to shopping for a suit. I’m amused. So I got a lecture about […]

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Sad Puppies cause Butthurt, and the glory to come.

Yesterday I got the texts muddled up, but I made some notes reading around and they apply in part to yesterday’s text, so here goes. Via Kathy Shaidie, a Canadian conservative who found this link about a UK feminist who is hitting her head against the wall. I would add, that although retirement is for […]

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