The environment strikes back: Adoption is good for you.

It was an axiom in most social sciences that adoption was inevitably traumatic and harmful. When colleagues find out I am adopted, they go all caring and therapeutic and ask me about the birth parents and how horrible it was. They don't know that my… Read More

Proclaim this offense called Christ. [I Peter 1]

In Dunedin we have an odd service. The week after Easter we have a "Resurrection Sunday" evening service in the town hall. The reason for this is that the Easter weekend is one of the last holidays before winter (Anzac day, which is the 25th of this… Read More

The real endgame [Rev 15]

One of the things that many within the both the alternative financial and alternative political blogs talk about is that if something cannot continue it will not. That which is unsustainable will end. A simple example of this is one of the local… Read More

The dialectic of submission. [Rom 13]

I got a good scolding at music yesterday. One son is about to go to the high school prom -- having avoided it for years, he was ambushed in such a manner where he said yes and is now not looking forward to shopping for a suit. I'm amused. So I got a… Read More

Why I like Dunedin… videos

This one promotes the Uni: like the song. . Read More