A witness for this generation.

Mary was young. She was flawed: we all are, and the immaculate conception is disproven by the fact that Mary tried to have Jesus put away when he was preaching out of fear for his life and sanity. She understood precisely what he was saying, and what the consequences could be. The cultus of Mary … Continue reading A witness for this generation.

Against the divorce industry. [Matt 5]

Our catholic friends who are crunchy call those who have divorced and remarried adulterers. And they quote this passage. This passage is here, and we need to take it seriously. There is some hyperbole here: enucleating one's eye and cutting one's hand off is a quick way to cripple oneself. And lust is all around … Continue reading Against the divorce industry. [Matt 5]

Dealing with churchian frivorce. [I Cor 7]

I am divorced. I hate divorce. I hate the industry that has been made around divorce. To those of you who are married and havign difficulties, listen to the epxerience of those of us who have been through the living hell which is the family courts. Having a divorce will hurt. Financially, emotionally, spiritually. It … Continue reading Dealing with churchian frivorce. [I Cor 7]

Yes, cupcake, there is accountability. [John 4]

This is the passage about the woman in the well, but to explain the cartoons I have to explain that the brunette is Skye, the sister of the redhead (Sam), who is married to the chap with the beard (Zed), and Skye is a disaster, liberal type, while Sam is an engineer. The woman at … Continue reading Yes, cupcake, there is accountability. [John 4]

Wrath, exhaustion, blowback [Mt 13]

Last night was the last ever school prizegiving I need to go to for my children. My younger son sits his year 13 exams over the next two weeks. And, therefore, his mother flew down from Auckland. We managed to get everyone to the hall before the ceremony started. After three hours, and with one … Continue reading Wrath, exhaustion, blowback [Mt 13]

Two cheers for the Papists [Rev 5]

I sent a note to Mundabor that I'm raising my cup of morning coffee (needed it is) to the Papists. For they turned back the tide that would dilute the teaching on divorce. Now, this teaching is one the Reformed do not agree with. But want to. Calvin feared divorce, and carefully studied the texts, … Continue reading Two cheers for the Papists [Rev 5]

Gomer, the daughter of Dibliam, or a living hell of a marriage.

One of the theories of the sexual living hell our society has men and women in is that we train our women not to be wives, but to be Gomer. To sleep around (more unpaid than paid), to be fickle, to be faithless. Those of us who have daughters and grand daughters, do not want … Continue reading Gomer, the daughter of Dibliam, or a living hell of a marriage.

Comment at Empath’s (on Divorce)

My comment on a post at Empath's (thanks Elspeth, for linking to this) When I was almost divorced, when I thought I was to be divorced, when I lived alone with my small dog in an apartment with my family back min our large house on acreage against a lake front, huge pool and just … Continue reading Comment at Empath’s (on Divorce)

Love is offensive. (Patti Smith on the side)

It is going to be difficult to write about the text today. We had a tragedy locally over the summer and it's just been written up in the Herald.  A man, separated form his wife and children, murdered the children and then suicided. The Herald has all the court documents online, and one really cannot … Continue reading Love is offensive. (Patti Smith on the side)

The (Laodecean) Reformed.

I have always considered this applies to my church. The Reformed have toe or three flaws: we tend to intellectualize; we tend to distrust emotions, and we manage to acquire wealth. One of the signs people consider to see if you are of the elect -- incorrectly, as the passage indicates -- is that you … Continue reading The (Laodecean) Reformed.