Comment at Empath’s (on Divorce)

My comment on a post at Empath’s (thanks Elspeth, for linking to this) When I was almost divorced, when I thought I was to be divorced, when I lived alone with my small dog in an apartment with my family back min our large house on acreage against a lake front, huge pool and just […]

Love is offensive. (Patti Smith on the side)

It is going to be difficult to write about the text today. We had a tragedy locally over the summer and it’s just been written up in the Herald.  A man, separated form his wife and children, murdered the children and then suicided. The Herald has all the court documents online, and one really cannot […]

The (Laodecean) Reformed.

I have always considered this applies to my church. The Reformed have toe or three flaws: we tend to intellectualize; we tend to distrust emotions, and we manage to acquire wealth. One of the signs people consider to see if you are of the elect — incorrectly, as the passage indicates — is that you […]

Disgust and Contempt.

I’ve been thinking about what drives disgust, and how it reflects on respect and may lead to contempt. In doing this, I tend pull out the cognitive therapy toolkit — where an event is related to thoughts and those thoughts give the emotion. But, firstly, let’s check on definitions. Disgust (noun): a feeling of revulsion […]

Isreali Divorce and Trayvon.

A week ago I made the nurses at work giggle. For we had babies on the ward — the mothers were depressed, and they saw a man who looks like a cross between an orc and a gorilla tenderly holding an infant. Going a little clucky. Most of the time that part of me is […]

Reversion to the mean (divorce rates, NZ).

The most important thing to consider here is that the Family Proceedings Act was completely rewritten in 1980 (it has been amended since multiple times) but the core reasons for dissolution of a marriage in the eyes of the law have not changed. Section 39.Grounds for dissolution (1) An application for an order dissolving a […]

Linkage… (avoid folly, folks)

Vanessa argues that school hours should be short. She’s right. We always have had an aristocracy, and they always get away with crimes that others are convicted for. Anonymous is annoyed by this, and is going to take down the US prosecution services if they don’t stop being unjust. In the meantime, the democrat fascist […]

Plagiarism central.

In which we quote freely. This is a blog, not a research paper, and I have no pretensions on creativity. Let’s start with Bike Bubba. The one bright thing I can think of from teaching students from the IRS Manual of Style is that a quorum of want-to-be writers of romance novels might bring the […]

A failure led Israel from Egypt.

I’m going to deviate from the text to discuss something around the current situation, particularly around an error among women within the church. There is a meme that if you threaten divorce or even divorce your husband — taking him to the cleaners, you are doing God’s work. You are making him righteous and will […]