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The fifth column that would destroy us.

I spend a fair amount of time researching interventions about workplace violence. I know the epidemiology.[1] And I despise the Duluth Model. It is not science. It is not therapy. It is ideology. And unlike the Bass and Davis polemic of child sexual abuse, it has not been abandoned. Both cause damage. I can recall, […]

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The prosperity (heresy) trap.


In the service today the Minister did some speculation — that as Christ was told at his baptism that this was his son and he was well pleased with him as he identified with the fallen and let himself be so identified by entering baptism for repentance — at the end of his ministry, on […]

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Sabaoth and Return.

Yesterday was an odd day. One half of the day was hot to the point that it was physically painful to go outside and I hunkered in the bedroom, curtains drawn, doors open (I have a door to an outside porch in my room) and doing wordpress administration. Or arguing. Then the rain came, and […]

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