Dead white male poetic correction troll logic

These gormless little nitwits are simply eager footsoldiers in the left's ongoing war on everything. The international left realized a long time ago that their system wasn't going to prevail by providing superior results, and so they went about destroying all that which made us so invulnerable to their ideology- the Judeo-Christian moral foundation, the … Continue reading Dead white male poetic correction troll logic

Abandon the earthly for the eternal [Heb 12]

Today's picture came from a tumblr link, which was posted on Gab. We abandon things that are obsolete, useless, or unaffordable. We move from platform to platform electronically. Things change. And with Christ, everything changed. It's one thing for one's life to be transformed by the power of Jesus Christ. It is real. I have … Continue reading Abandon the earthly for the eternal [Heb 12]

Victory. Poem.

Victory is costly. It does not last. But sometimes one has to fight. Not, like Achilles did, for glory. But because it is needed. Victory - Roland is dead, Cuchulain's crest is low, The battered war-rear wastes and turns to rust, And Helen's eyes and Iseult's lips are dust And dust the shoulders and the … Continue reading Victory. Poem.

A poetical satire

I am in a bleak mood. This helped cheer me up. Evolutionary Hymn Lead us, Evolution, lead us Up the future's endless stair; Chop us, change us, prod us, weed us. For stagnation is despair: Groping, guessing, yet progressing, Lead us nobody knows where. Wrong or justice, joy or sorrow, In the present what are … Continue reading A poetical satire

Against modernism, not the modern [poem]

Modernism was an ugly movement that most ignored. I live in a modern house, and I'm moving to another. But both took the idea of shape and were designed by the practical man. Modernism was never that. It removed all tradition to build the idea, the shape. Which was generally unlivable. The owners of my … Continue reading Against modernism, not the modern [poem]

Science Fiction converged in the time of Lewis [poem].

People forget that Lewis was a poet. I have quoted him before about my profession. The poem I wanted to quote I have already posted: if is of late love, and as such is painfully honest. I never had a selfless thought since I was born. I am mercenary and self-seeking through and through: But … Continue reading Science Fiction converged in the time of Lewis [poem].

Faithful plowing iron soil.

I am quite aware that there has been a couple of people's lives celebrated in Rome, and that two popes of last century are now sanctified. Among the reformed, there are no saints -- instead there are those who are with God. This means that I have less distress than the really traditional, who see … Continue reading Faithful plowing iron soil.