Fear God, not man [I Peter 1]

Oh Sunday we went to Grace Bible Church. This is the "backup" congregation: the cburch I usually go to is 500m uphill and meets very early: Grace is 700m downhill and meets twice, with the second service at 11. One of the older elders was preaching. Not on this passage; on the death of Christ … Continue reading Fear God, not man [I Peter 1]

A time for disobedience.

Microregulation, like micromanagement, does not work. The service that completes the paperwork perfectly are not making anything or seeing anyone. The manager who regulates every aspect of their worker's performance demotivates. In addition, the assumption that centralized regulators would have unique expertise has proven unfounded. Government bureaucracy is increasingly a kludgeocracy (a word coined by … Continue reading A time for disobedience.

Not brute beasts

OK. Today I am going to put the application first, then the principle behind it, then the application. The ugliness of the feminist mind-frame towards cooking, cleaning, and caring for others is so profound that it is difficult to process. These women are so obsessed with not showing Christian love that they make it a … Continue reading Not brute beasts

Shitting in the well.

It's fairly obvious to regular readers that I'm Presbyterian. The new logo comes from a Victorian Presbyterian Sunday School magazine, and I have reformed theology. I'm quite comfortable with the Scottish Book of Order. I love my church. But I also love Anglicanism. I worshiped with them for a while -- they were the local … Continue reading Shitting in the well.

Liberalism is dying. And that makes it dangerous.

I've been thinking about peak feminism and peak liberalism. Somewhat slowly: jetlag exists and resetting the body clock is harder when it is one degree... and you don't want to get out. Today the Herald talks about the Anglicans having marriage ceremonies for gay couples. This is the high point of liberalism. Homosexuality, like polyamory, … Continue reading Liberalism is dying. And that makes it dangerous.

Kirk in winter: Love at the margins: confronting God.

This week I have been reading Michael Coren's new book Blasphemy on the Kindle.  I have not finished it -- just worked through the first three chapters. Now Mike is a Papist, and I'm reformed, but there is nothing in the first three chapters that I would disagree with. His identification that many people are … Continue reading Kirk in winter: Love at the margins: confronting God.

The dangers in tradition.

As I write this I am aware that one can easily fall into the same trap. The entire Christian structure is based on one thing: Jesus has already saved us and will make us who he wants us to be. It is not going to be us, it is going to be him. If we … Continue reading The dangers in tradition.