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The fifth column that would destroy us.

I spend a fair amount of time researching interventions about workplace violence. I know the epidemiology.[1] And I despise the Duluth Model. It is not science. It is not therapy. It is ideology. And unlike the Bass and Davis polemic of child sexual abuse, it has not been abandoned. Both cause damage. I can recall, […]

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A time for a confessing church: a time to oppose the new Fascists.

The following statement is now accepted. The days when the ministers of the crown were concerned with the opinion of the Bishops of the established church or the moderators of the reformed church is over, instead all things are now seen as political. We may be post-Christian, but what does this mean? We have stopped […]

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Oh, how truth smarts.

To be honest, I’m avoiding work. I have review manager up and I am eyeballs deep in writing risk of bias tables about azapirones. Son one has had some tutoring and is trying to recover. Son two is recovered: he’s at high school — and as his older brother observed, in the first two weeks […]

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Repeition is good. (The unreliability of qualifications).

Some days I think that this blog cycles over the same message. The same things. I have written the same post over a thousand times. I’m already totally stressed out and busy, and I’m starting to get the feeling that I’m just repeating myself. Sometimes I think, “I should write a post about THIS!” and […]

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The wisdom of Cecilia.

There is a commentator out there called Hollenhund who generally has it in for Alte, (or V.) because she blogs in bursts, generally under various names. Man has no charity. V. was the main author of Traditional Christianity, and is now living elsewhere — and comments at times elsewhere. But she is raising kids and […]

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