The ancient use of amenable authority.

The gospel is hated. No news there: it has always been hated. And the techniques that are used against the gospel are the same used by social justice warriors at any time. To Precis Social Justice Always Lie.
  1. Point and shriek The gospel…
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No damnation in Christ [Rom 8]

We are human. We are flawed: there is not that much good in any of us, and in all things we try to achieve we are not perfect. Even the greatest athletes do not have perfect runs: instead a great athlete keeps on going when things are not working… Read More

Three Readings, lectionary.

Just back from church, where Barry said a truth. He hates religion. For religion is about saying that we have virtue, and we can earn our way into righteousness. I began to think that we are all religious, but the kind of religion we believe in has… Read More

Expect to be the object of virtue signalling [John 8]

Hat tip to Vox Popoli, who found this travesty of a race car. (I used to support Holden: this is a failed cause as the company is closing. I now support the Kiwi Racers in V8, and I don't care what they are driving) My Dad used to tell me,… Read More

Do not question the light. Live in it. [John 8]

I do not watch the news much: I read psychiatric journals and skim the headlines of the morning fishwrap online. On the radio, the news consists of interviewers talking to each other, promoting the next reality TV show, and hating the latest twitter… Read More

Fake Spirituality

Never think that this age is not religious. There is a sin: it is called having privilege. There is a clerical class of Brahmins: they are those who have graduated from the elite universities, where the tactics of diversity ensure that the children… Read More

The temple will not save you [Jer 7]

The decline of the West did not begin this century. Or the last. The seeds were set during the Victorian era, when the enlightenment led to science deciding that anything that smacked of the divine was cheating. And if God did not create, we better… Read More