The first floods of July.

We are unable to leave our home today, as the road into town is blocked. From where we live, we can see surface flooding on the road -- and it is not yet high tide -- but the reason the road is blocked is because of slips. Casa Weka is on a peninsula, and the … Continue reading The first floods of July.

No platforming is ancient. [Acts 13]

When the lectionary breaks a sermon in half, you have a choice. Do you look at other scripture, or do you continue from yesterday's post? Which was about the need to use reason with those who are reasonable. This is important, and it is a filter. Consider the response to the end of Paul's sermon. … Continue reading No platforming is ancient. [Acts 13]

Why Turei is electoral poison.

Metira Turei is a Green MP. Unfortunately, she lives in my town. She's never been particularly smart, honest, or humble. She's known as a Green princess, looking down on the peons while living in a castle outside of the town. And she has now confessed that she ripped off the social welfare system. She has … Continue reading Why Turei is electoral poison.

Three quotes, brevity and shame.

Three quotes; The first I give to the gentle reader as an example of how not to right. The review of the book I am quoting from notes the writer is wrong and cannot write. It is not merely the lack of craft: there is a lack of thinking here. Putting facts together without a … Continue reading Three quotes, brevity and shame.

Never be a minion [Acts 12]

Never be a minion, for you will be blamed, and your blood spilt to appease the mob, comfort your tyrannical master, or both. Besides, the rulers of this time can fail and fall: and when they do the damage is not limited to them. Metiria Turei must have known she was taking a risk when … Continue reading Never be a minion [Acts 12]

Martyrs made by the state [Acts 12]

Never trust a ruler. Mistrust any King. The worst of them will be tyrants and kill randomly, but all in power will destroy lives for political expediency. There is no change of government, but when Christ is King and the Prime minister accounts himself as the main servant of the people, without tears and pain. … Continue reading Martyrs made by the state [Acts 12]

Choose Christ or this world [Acts 11]

The pattern among the early church of evangelism was one of obedience. They were told to wait in Jerusalem. They did. They were told to then preach throughout Judea. They did. They were then told to preach to the whole world. But they started with their own people. The early disciples were Jews. They taught … Continue reading Choose Christ or this world [Acts 11]

Why we should bother with the church [Rom 8, Matthew 23]

The church in the West, in all its branches and varieties, has been invaded by those who want to turn it into a political movement. There are those who want us to be post Christian. The question today is why should we bother, why should we confront, why should we warn. It would be easier … Continue reading Why we should bother with the church [Rom 8, Matthew 23]

Against Self Esteem.

Dalrock correctly names the religion of this era as feminism, and the worship that of Self Esteem. You cannot talk about sin. You cannot make people feel bad. But without confrontation there is no correction, without correction there is no regret, no godly sorrow, and no repentenece. We are not Gods. We are broken. We … Continue reading Against Self Esteem.


The narrative is a lie. We must conform to the lie, or the narrative will fail. The narrative is naked and we must call it clothed. This is an exercise of power. William Briggs calls it correctly. I do not joke nor jest. In New York City, “You can be fined for not calling people … Continue reading 4+2!=7