The cancer of convergence.

There have been many who divide their theology on this passage. They reject the pre-tribulation, or the post-tribulation, I don't see the point. What I see is two books. In one book there are our deeds, and if we are judged by those deeds we will damned. It matters what we have done. Our evil … Continue reading The cancer of convergence.

Wife game.

Elspeth has written a post on the process of being married. It does not get much publicity. As Scott says, the ladysphere is a musty cupboard in the glittering faux mansion of the internet. It needs to be read, particularly by young women: who generally are advised to to the precise things that would ruin … Continue reading Wife game.

The synagogues of Satan will fall.

The PCUSA has not quite gone full Unitarian, but is getting close. Of course, this will be on the wrong side of history, dated, and wrong. Just to be clear, the incarnation of Christ was because we are unable to keep the law. If we could keep the law, it would save us: but none … Continue reading The synagogues of Satan will fall.

The big lie.

The big lie is that this life is all there is. That the spirit of this world is the spirit of progressivism, and that it is important to be on the right side of history. This is shown in the hypocrisy of the left, in their triumphant march towards annihilation, and their love of death, … Continue reading The big lie.

Our forebears were better poets than us.

I have been working on administrative things, and have completed that task. This meant I could look for poetry. Then I stumbled onto a metaphysical poet who survived King Philip's War in the then new colony of Massachusetts. Who may not write as well as Donne, but is of the same school. How us Colonials … Continue reading Our forebears were better poets than us.

Babylon is the Thot of this day.

To get to the text I'm afraid there are a couple of introductory quotes, again from the gnomes at Social Matter, who give a good summary this week as usual. They fit with the first part of the text, when a hymn is sung. That the great whore, Babylon, has fallen. Bruce at Cambria over … Continue reading Babylon is the Thot of this day.

The news and the #Memewars

I assume all social media is converged or converging, because those of the right have jobs and those of the left have grants. The advertisements for Christmas, as Vox Day notes, are illuminating. This does not reflect what I see -- and I live in a country without a history of laws against miscegenation. In … Continue reading The news and the #Memewars

Who are the Whigs and why they will fail.

My wife and I are enjoying the ITV series "Victoria" as a work of fiction. The real Queen was not a pretty starlet, had a more vicious temper, and Lord Melbourne was a rake and a Whig. But who were the Whigs, and do they still exist? “Perhaps as long as there has been a … Continue reading Who are the Whigs and why they will fail.

The Frontlash is a lie.

We are having our words taken away from us. We are not allowed to speak truth, or trust our instincts: to refer to the natural law is considered hate speech in a post modern age. Scott, discussing the way we work, notes correctly that the authorities mistrust our instincts. For their law is not for … Continue reading The Frontlash is a lie.

Left == sophist.

The third type of propaganda that Weaver defined (I am quoting form Arthur Gordian's article at Social Matter) is ancient. It is the tactics of the sophist. If you are losing an argument, redefine the terms, move the goal posts, clutch your pearls, and scream that you are oppressed. Before the writing of Plato, the … Continue reading Left == sophist.