Do not be nice. Do not care.

Why am I quoting a Papist who is fulminating about the homoeroticism that has rotted the Jesuits? The Jesuits have always been rotten. Nothing new there. It is because he knows this: there is a war between the righteous and the peverse, and we will end up either Human and glorious, or enslaved and Orcs. … Continue reading Do not be nice. Do not care.

This elite are fools

The most interesting thing in the quote below is not that it came from a bunch of Trad Catholics referring to Plato. Christians have referred to Plato and Aristotle, properly, since before Augustine. For the love of wisdom is the love of truth and logic, and these are servants to theology, the queen of sciences. … Continue reading This elite are fools

Green temptation.

What is interesting in the passage today -- the temptation of Christ -- is what he was not tempted with. There was no offering of women or men to be his bed partners. There was no issue with wealth. The temptations related to power, and surrounding these people will lie, steal, bribe and entrap. Today's … Continue reading Green temptation.

Against the modern Ba’al.

I can count on our Papist Brother to bring things to a head. He considers, as he was taught, that the church that saves is not the church invisible but the church Roman. The infernal reaches of that church -- their cardinals and pope -- are too enamoured with this world and promote overmuch the … Continue reading Against the modern Ba’al.

Postmodernism is dirt and huts.

The Postmodernist relativism does not work. It cannot work. Because it is based on lies, and those lies are mandatory. I may chance have some odd quirks and remnants of wit broken on me because I have railed so long against marriage, but doth not the appetite alter? A man loves the meat in his … Continue reading Postmodernism is dirt and huts.

The Baptizer and #HateSpeech.

Who are the Sadducee, who consider religion as a mere tool and preach tolerance greater than truth? Who are the Pharisees, who would regulate all things and place on the people a burden that they themselves would not lift? I would argue it is the UK police, converged, run by SJWs, and regulating ordinary people … Continue reading The Baptizer and #HateSpeech.

True Persecution, False abuse.

Many, many years ago, one of my colleagues pointed out there was an association between violence and having same sex partners. The association existed if you claimed to be gay or not, but was higher if you self identified as homosexuals. There were demands she resign because of offence. I do not care about offence. … Continue reading True Persecution, False abuse.

/pol is always right.

Vox Day says that /pol is always right. They are doing sterling work, and the number of things that appeared to be consipiracy theories and have ended up true is too many to note. Of course, this is ignored on campus. You have to be progressive. If you are not flexible enough with truth, sex, … Continue reading /pol is always right.

Beauty is inflexible.

Beauty does not change. Though the person who is beautiful fades, and the light changes, beauty does not. It reflects higher: to the forms by which all things are truly known. Though many call that which is ugly beautiful this is a lie. It is modern propaganda. It is something mandated by sheer force of … Continue reading Beauty is inflexible.

Long passages.

Elijah is a challenge. There are more implausible miracles involving him than there are Christ. I'm talking about the ravens and the widow's jar of meal, more than the widow's son being raised. But not many read the histories. They are in the lectionary. And the first part of this passage is that Elijah decreed … Continue reading Long passages.