No damnation in Christ [Rom 8]

We are human. We are flawed: there is not that much good in any of us, and in all things we try to achieve we are not perfect. Even the greatest athletes do not have perfect runs: instead a great athlete keeps on going when things are not working… Read More

Not Carnal, Human. [Rom 7]

I have heard this passage preached. Multiple ways. Two ways are errors. The first error is that of the holiness gospel: the modern Cathars. This is that if you are still sinning you are carnal, fallen, and need to give your life over holy to… Read More

There is a law [Rom 7]

I was on a drive with my son discussing despair. How those who do not have a wife and kids or family -- some couples don't have kids, but they do have family -- end up being bitter. The men drink or become vagrants. The women have cats, travel, and… Read More

Three Readings, lectionary.

Just back from church, where Barry said a truth. He hates religion. For religion is about saying that we have virtue, and we can earn our way into righteousness. I began to think that we are all religious, but the kind of religion we believe in has… Read More

Expect to be the object of virtue signalling [John 8]

Hat tip to Vox Popoli, who found this travesty of a race car. (I used to support Holden: this is a failed cause as the company is closing. I now support the Kiwi Racers in V8, and I don't care what they are driving) My Dad used to tell me,… Read More

Do not follow the religion of Satan [John 8]

By the consequences of their actions and the content of their teaching you shall know them. Note that this applies to us. The current bleating about the religion of peace is an illustration. The lectionary text was written to those who believe:… Read More

Allah delenda est. [Jer 10]

You read the daily lectionary in context. Today's context is that there has been a terror attack in London. It appears that a man drove through a crowd and then tried to enter Parliament with a knife. As I am writing, the identity of the attacker… Read More