We will not be converged.

My nature is such that the final beautific vision of the church does not particularly appeal. I don't like crowds. At all. The idea that we will be worshipping together for ever... nah. The healing of the nations, and the relief of all pain attract. And being around the creator who is greater than any … Continue reading We will not be converged.

Tactics with the new Red Guard.

Again, tactics. Mundabor has noted that the Vatican is a scandal. Again. I hope brother, I am using the word correctly: a scandal is not a sin. The Democrats are not a scandal, for no one considers that those power-hungry perverts consider anything but pleasure and power. A scandal destroys faith among believers. Inviting those … Continue reading Tactics with the new Red Guard.

Frustration ain’t no sin.

One of the demands that some place on clinicians is that we are always "professional". That we never use dank humour, or bad memes. That we do not get tired. That we are always polite, cheerful, and do what the patient requires, respecting their autonomy. I'm calling this bullshit. There are ethical limits. I will … Continue reading Frustration ain’t no sin.

The cancer of convergence.

There have been many who divide their theology on this passage. They reject the pre-tribulation, or the post-tribulation, I don't see the point. What I see is two books. In one book there are our deeds, and if we are judged by those deeds we will damned. It matters what we have done. Our evil … Continue reading The cancer of convergence.

Tactics for the times.

We were going for a walk after church, as pre planned. The sermon was on the parable of the talents, which is in the texts for today in the revised common lectionary. Barry had moved it around and discussed how some had many talents and others had few. The people with many thought God was … Continue reading Tactics for the times.

The big lie.

The big lie is that this life is all there is. That the spirit of this world is the spirit of progressivism, and that it is important to be on the right side of history. This is shown in the hypocrisy of the left, in their triumphant march towards annihilation, and their love of death, … Continue reading The big lie.

The true endgame.

There is an end, and it is glorious. What man does not dream of mounting his charger, unleashing his sword, and smiting his foes? To be the instrument of justice? To see the glory of the last war, and be victorious? For the return of Christ will be such a charge: the last one, and … Continue reading The true endgame.

Babylon is the Thot of this day.

To get to the text I'm afraid there are a couple of introductory quotes, again from the gnomes at Social Matter, who give a good summary this week as usual. They fit with the first part of the text, when a hymn is sung. That the great whore, Babylon, has fallen. Bruce at Cambria over … Continue reading Babylon is the Thot of this day.

The fate of MySpace is the fate of Babylon.

The trouble with convergence is that it does not merely destroy: it removes any value in the remaining business model, and leaves fields not fallow but radioactive. The Romans sowed fields with salt: the current progressive narrative is more destructive. And when Babylon falls you are left with a wasteland. There is no joy, there … Continue reading The fate of MySpace is the fate of Babylon.

The profitability of greyness.

Overnight there has been an earthquake on the Iran/Iraq border. About a seven: the death toll could be in the hundreds. The last earthquake we had around that level has a repair budget of 1.2 billion dollars, and the main road north, destroyed, is almost repaired a year later. But that is not what is … Continue reading The profitability of greyness.