The righteous gentiles? [Ruth 2]

I am contrasting the current neighbours of Israel with one of the most righteous gentiles, the great grandmother of David. One can see why Israel is vehemently the enemy of Persia.
Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has called for the…
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Make plans lightly [2 Cor 1]

Yesterday I returned to work, bearing cake. MY aim was to simply clear four weeks of emails. Can I give this lecture. Can I review this paper. What to do with the commissioning people who suddenly want another review when we have completed the job… Read More

Christ alone [Jn 10]

Those who are truly righteous will live, and their salvation is by their own doing. There is but one problem. No one has been truly righteous but Christ -- whom the religious authorities had killed, for it was deemed expedient that one person should… Read More

Like the Ancients [I Tim 6]

It appears that the tenured Muslim argues that the law of Shari'a permits slavery, so it is justified. The teaching on slavery again matters, for the left have decided our fate is to submit.
The Jews, as a minority that has suffered tyranny and…
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Remarriage and widows.

There are a few things that Paul assumes that moderns do not.
  • The single will be celibate
  • Men will support their families, and children their elderly parents
  • That there is a role for elder women: they are to be prayerhouses
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Confession cures the virtue spiral. [I Tim 4]

We are an odd generation. We don't ban marriage, but we do in this manner: we both say it is unneccessary because if you love you can live together, ignoring the need for boundaries around the marriage bed. If any couple can marry, there is no need for it to be between two: soon the polygamous will want the civil approval for… Read More

Render not to the imperium glory [Mk 11]

We must never forget that the Pharisees were religious. Very religious. They had zeal for the law: they tried to keep all the commandments and the traditions around the commandments. They wanted a reformation of the liberal priesthood who guarded the… Read More