Impudent, stubborn, and in error [Ez 1]

There are going to be many who will not listen, and will not believe in the word. Particularly when it is bleak. They want to be told that everything is going well... when we are in crisis. They want to be told they are beautiful and enlightened when… Read More

Keep calm and preach on [Mt 28]

In Christ, we have a command, a mission. It is to go to all nations and make disciples. It is not the narrative of this age. All that we do should bear witness to Christ, so that our lives will bring people to faith without a word being spoken. But… Read More

Allah has made them idiots [James 5]

We had farewelled Bruce yesterday at the funeral and the tea was being served when one of my sons came up to me and said that there was a bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. I did not know who she is. A stepson decided to clue in the… Read More

The narrative is exhausting [Lk 11]

The effort required to be a person of the lie is so great that it saps all will, removing any discernment, and leaving no energy for pursuing truth, or honour, or beauty. It leaves no energy for affection, and there is no room left for love. For love requires that we acknowledge the truth of our nature and the nature of our beloved. Instead the elite require we speak against nature, against God and against love, so that we may be seen as inclusive. Read More

It is wiser to fear God than Man [Deut 18]

There is a clear and present danger. It is not Trump, though he said truth in part about Islam -- that the fanatics of that demon kill each other more frequently than they kill those of Christ. He neglected to say that the fanatics have pretty much… Read More

Weeds not wheat [Mt 13]

Robyn had to deal with me after church today. We had a visit from Presbyterian Support. Unfortunately I know too much about them. They compete for government funding, and the government agencies leverage the charities to extend their budget and meet… Read More

An unsustainable tyranny [Rom 15]

I have to remind myself to not jump into US politics. It is too tempting. What is happening, as the progressives there go full retard, they assume that they will the tolerated, for those who are strong are gentile. They have more resources than the autistic screeching that seems to be the current discourse on the left. There is an assumption that if they throw… Read More