The need for repentence.

One of the consequences of having an elite that discounts religion is that they let in those who will preach destruction, and then there is blood. The end game of Islam is not repentence, it is war. It is counted by the increased number of martyrs. But I could be in error. It could be … Continue reading The need for repentence.

Seek not a god in you. Seek Christ.

What do you build you foundation on? The land beneath you? This is unwise: the land where I sit this morning is overdue for "the big one" -- the Alpine Fault going, which is usually about eight on the Richter scale. Samoa and Tonga are flooded: Fiji is next, then we will get the end … Continue reading Seek not a god in you. Seek Christ.

Now we are not young.

When I was young I would give and support those who said they needed aid. I was a member, to my shame, of Amnesty International. I supported save the children as well as World Vision. Habitat for Humanity had not made it to NZ. I thought these were good organizations, worthy of support. However, now, … Continue reading Now we are not young.

For natural law…

There are two things about this time which speak to the degeneration of our times. I am not talking about the overt sin, but among those who are within the church, and think that they have salvation if not righteousness. The first is that we are fearful. We worry. We are afraid to speak plainly, … Continue reading For natural law…

Trolls deserve Hate.

Robyn is telling me that I need to start stretching. One of my shoulders has been injured (ripped the rotator cuff swimming about a decade ago) and I have aggravated it again. At my age, the question is not am I in pain, but where the pain is. And the need to keep moving must … Continue reading Trolls deserve Hate.

The boring, repeated narrative.

There are things I repeat that are not boring, and things I hear that are a daily pleasure. The murmers of affection from my beloved. Puppies. Sunrise. Sunset. I think I have taken a few hundred pictures of some scenes, for I look again at the light on the water and it is, again, beautiful. … Continue reading The boring, repeated narrative.

Repetition is essential.

A couple of days ago Mick and his wife visited us for dinner. And he pleaded with me to stop the Sunday sonnets, or at least the Belloc ones. He hates them. Point taken: some of them are not great. Belloc was Catholic, but as Mick said, a confused one. Sometimes I wonder if there … Continue reading Repetition is essential.

Deus Vult or the Left Gulag.

My sons are about to start and their academic trade school(s) again, and I have some fears. One is that they will not do well. I want them to succeed. Their courses will lead to jobs that require credentials, and they need to put their heads down, work, and ignore the progressive idiots in upper … Continue reading Deus Vult or the Left Gulag.

Without faith it is sin.

One of the pleasures I have not had for some time is a good theological argument. And it is a pleasure. When you are with someone of faith, to discuss the things of God, set the world to rights, and consider the meaning of our faith. When there is no accusation, just discussion. I don't … Continue reading Without faith it is sin.

Godly Hatred.

Do not choose to be a slave for the sake of your virtue signals. In Christ, you were called to be free. But your sins enslave you. I am not going to quote all of today's readings, but the correction for our wish to signal virtue is to remind ourselves that if we are doing … Continue reading Godly Hatred.