Public valproate warning

Valproic acide (Epilim) is contraindicated in pregnancy due to the risk of fetal abnormalities, and all women should be warned of this if they have this medication prescribed. The guidelines are clear. The data is in. But it appears that this is not happening, at least in the UK. Two thirds of women who take … Continue reading Public valproate warning

The Churchian rebellion.

Symbolism and rhetoric matter. It matters that the civil rituals are honoured. These vary from place to place: in the USA you stand for the anthem, in NZ we don't. Because we are not Yanks. But honour when honour is due. And this morning Robyn, being a wonderful person, is fussing, because it is my … Continue reading The Churchian rebellion.

Sunday Sonnet

Twelve Beauty that Parent is to deathless Rhyme ' Was Manhood's maker : you shall bear a Son, Till Daughters linked adown admiring time Fulfil the mother, handing Beauty on. You shall by breeding make Life answer yet, In Time's despite, Time's jeer that men go void ; Your stamp of heaven shall be more … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet

The spirit of this world.

We walked out of church this morning. This is not something that we wanted to do: there has been an election, and the next government needs to be now cobbled together by the various parties left. The moderator came to speak, and started by talking about the various leaders, and how they were not salvation. … Continue reading The spirit of this world.

Eliot, and redeeming time from rebellion.

Before we go to the scripture this morning, a notice. Tomorrow (Sunday) the Ilk and faithful should descend on Christ Church St Lawrence, to commemorate the acceptance of Eliot into the church. Time present and time past Are both perhaps present in time future And time future contained in time past. If all time is … Continue reading Eliot, and redeeming time from rebellion.

Election legal notice.

This is not that a political blog, but... as tomorrow is election day, any comments about the election are not going to be posted until after the polls close. This is local law. It is not rational. The left may ignore it. The idea that Adern is going to do an ask me anything on … Continue reading Election legal notice.

Do not be nice. Do not care.

Why am I quoting a Papist who is fulminating about the homoeroticism that has rotted the Jesuits? The Jesuits have always been rotten. Nothing new there. It is because he knows this: there is a war between the righteous and the peverse, and we will end up either Human and glorious, or enslaved and Orcs. … Continue reading Do not be nice. Do not care.

Donne is a Pimp.

The quote is from a wonderful essay around teaching poetry at high school. I have never read Herbert. And I have never, before thought that Donne was a pimp. Perhaps he would have challenged any who said so to him. I was less encouraged when only a couple of kids liked George Herbert. After our … Continue reading Donne is a Pimp.

Our unity is Christ.

One of the things we have to give up in this time is a certainty. That we are correct. On all issues. There is an intellectual pleasure in arguing about transubstantiation, or purgatory, or iconoclasm. (I will make it clear: I don't believe in the theory of transubstantiation. I consider our salvation is in Christ, … Continue reading Our unity is Christ.

Contra Euthanasia.

The American College of Physicians, facing the liberal judiciary and legislature trying to legalize euthanasia, has done their duty. They have produced a position statement that reiterates the classical ethical position. To not kill. POSITION STATEMENT The ACP affirms a professional responsibility to improve the care of dying patients and their families. The ACP does … Continue reading Contra Euthanasia.