For Bruce, Victory.

I came home instead of going to the box today. Bruce had been told ha has months to a year remaining, and my beloved was in tears, her mother quietly angry, and me left listening. Bruce once climbed the peaks in Central. Many would say he should… Read More

A victim speaks.

I am taking this from the Milo's facebook page, before the borg takes it down. I have a policy of not linking to Facebook: it is the enemy and it will filter what you see. I will add this: the use of dark humour after trauma is adaptive. There… Read More

The righteous gentiles? [Ruth 2]

I am contrasting the current neighbours of Israel with one of the most righteous gentiles, the great grandmother of David. One can see why Israel is vehemently the enemy of Persia.
Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has called for the…
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Make plans lightly [2 Cor 1]

Yesterday I returned to work, bearing cake. MY aim was to simply clear four weeks of emails. Can I give this lecture. Can I review this paper. What to do with the commissioning people who suddenly want another review when we have completed the job… Read More

Specific therapy is better than generic?

Getting positive results in a properly don trial of two active psychotherapies is hard, as the generic therapeutic effect is quite significant. There are ways of cheating, such as using wait list comparisons (who get nothing but a place for therapy) but such studies are needed. Read More

Be reviled — Mt 5

We are going to be reviled because we are not part of the club. It looks like the members of the club are more evil that we expected. If the allegations in the Daily Mail are correct (and the Mail breaks stories) then Heath would, if alive, be in… Read More

Quotage, administrivia…

Bruce Charlton is suspending blogging, thinking that he has nothing to say. A pity: he tends to get to the core of problems fairly quickly and generally in an orthodox manner. I'm quoting him here because he said something in that was mentioned… Read More