This is what defeat looks like.

Defeat is ugly and hateful. We are wise to study it. Saul lost an army: half died on the Mount of Gilboa and the others ran away. His sons died: he was facing capture and he took his life. He was defeated utterly. He had a divided country, he did not have any strength but … Continue reading This is what defeat looks like.

Quote of the week.

Wrath of Gnon is quoting Scrunton. He is wiser than me. I'm quoting Dry Bones from Dalrock's blog. We in the west have been openly trained in rebellion, love of self, and advancing our personal passions over the good of our families, Churches & communities for some time. From Rousseau (at least) we have made … Continue reading Quote of the week.

There is no virtue but Christ.

The virtue spirals of this life are but a delusion. You cannot earn your way into the favour of God. Our salvation is costly, for it took the death of a the one perfect man, God incarnate, to atone for my transgressions, let alone yours. The idea that we can somehow show that we are … Continue reading There is no virtue but Christ.

Dig, dig, dig

The situation with a leader of one of the political parties vying for ministerial portfolios confessing to cheating continues to cause issues. Green co-leader Metiria Turei has spoken to a fraud investigator from the Ministry of Social Development, and said she will meet with them to discuss her case next week. The conversation came after … Continue reading Dig, dig, dig

Derp medical politics.

I have worked with colleagues who have mild mental illness: in medicine you can expect between a third to half of your colleagues to be borderline depressed or burned out at any one time. At least in the NHS, which is toxic enough that many take a pay cut to work in New Zealand. Note … Continue reading Derp medical politics.

Against the family violence industry [I Sam 25]

Was there oppression of women in ancient times? Yes. Consider that Michal, princess of Israel, was divorced from David by her father the King so she could marry another. Probably for diplomatic reasons: David was now considered traitor by Saul, and that meant that Saul considered any vows he or his family had made were … Continue reading Against the family violence industry [I Sam 25]

The veil from madness Kipple.

Since we have such a hope, we are very bold, not like Moses, who would put a veil over his face so that the Israelites might not gaze at the outcome of what was being brought to an end. But their minds were hardened. For to this day, when they read the old covenant, that … Continue reading The veil from madness Kipple.

Funding models matter.

Most of the world has state funding in some method for mental health. Many would argue that it is unjust to compel a person to seek treatment and then charge for it. Historically, such coercion occurred in asylums and psychiatric hospitals, run by local authorities or the crown, and funded variably. After these places closed, … Continue reading Funding models matter.

The cathedral made mad [Acts 14]

Progressive atheism celebrates being irrational. The rejection of logical positivism, the high church atheism of Haldane, Russell Anthony Daniels and David Stove is rejected. Instead we have the philosophy of disadvantage, where what matters is your state within a finely graded power structure maintained by the secular priests. David Stove knew better. He was an … Continue reading The cathedral made mad [Acts 14]

Ratbag Science.

Anthony Daniels in the Quadrant writes of a card carrying psychiatrist, Ellery. Firm in his belief in psychoanalysis and socailism. Convinced he is correct. Reliably wrong. The kind of Ratbag Daniels hopes he is not. The dictatorship, then, not of the proletariat, but of psychiatrists. Personally, I would take my chances with the betting, drinking, … Continue reading Ratbag Science.