The need for repentence.

One of the consequences of having an elite that discounts religion is that they let in those who will preach destruction, and then there is blood. The end game of Islam is not repentence, it is war. It is counted by the increased number of martyrs. But I could be in error. It could be … Continue reading The need for repentence.

The Lethal Code of Conduct.

FreeBSD has decided it is time to regulate their community for the sake of inclusion. This is a purity spiral: the original codes, such as Debian's did not micro-regulate, but have still been weaponized against wrongthinkers while the connected get away with what they want. FreeBSD is small. It can be forked: it has been … Continue reading The Lethal Code of Conduct.

Sunday Sonnet.

If Saturday is for the Elizabethans, Sunday is for the Reformers. Modern women, note that AL's gifts were noted and her ability to translate used: she appended this to Calvin's sermons, and in doing so predated Sydney. And yes, it replaces Belloc. I am reformed, and it is a religious text. The only challenge to … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet.

Seek not a god in you. Seek Christ.

What do you build you foundation on? The land beneath you? This is unwise: the land where I sit this morning is overdue for "the big one" -- the Alpine Fault going, which is usually about eight on the Richter scale. Samoa and Tonga are flooded: Fiji is next, then we will get the end … Continue reading Seek not a god in you. Seek Christ.

Saturday Sonnet.

I have listened to the pained cry of the readers, and gone from a modern poet (Belloc) to an Elizabethan one (Philip Sydney). Because what remains of the old is good. Because this series is long. And because we all need more sonnets. This will run on Saturday: there is another sequence that is religious … Continue reading Saturday Sonnet.

Against ugliness.

Ugliness is counterfeit. Ugliness destroys all beauty, because if someone sees beauty they will follow it, and not the approved works. This is why our local schools only get kids to read relevant works. Because, perhap, they will read something beautiful and that will shamed. There are those who write well and it is a … Continue reading Against ugliness.

Now we are not young.

When I was young I would give and support those who said they needed aid. I was a member, to my shame, of Amnesty International. I supported save the children as well as World Vision. Habitat for Humanity had not made it to NZ. I thought these were good organizations, worthy of support. However, now, … Continue reading Now we are not young.

For natural law…

There are two things about this time which speak to the degeneration of our times. I am not talking about the overt sin, but among those who are within the church, and think that they have salvation if not righteousness. The first is that we are fearful. We worry. We are afraid to speak plainly, … Continue reading For natural law…

More Charitable Scandals.

It's not merely Oxfam. Medicins sans Frontieres has disclosed that they have sacked workers for sexual impropriety. Medical aid group Doctors without Borders, also known as Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), reported on Wednesday it had received 146 complaints or alerts in 2017. Of these, 40 concerned harassment or abuse. As a result, it acted on … Continue reading More Charitable Scandals.

Marriage and Puppies.

For those who have not worked it out, I'm now married just over a year. I don't care that the state has ruined the original contract of marriage. That is an error, and it will end. In the meantime, we are looking forward to a new puppy, new home-stay (boarders) and supporting our grown children … Continue reading Marriage and Puppies.