We will not be converged.

My nature is such that the final beautific vision of the church does not particularly appeal. I don't like crowds. At all. The idea that we will be worshipping together for ever... nah. The healing of the nations, and the relief of all pain attract. And being around the creator who is greater than any … Continue reading We will not be converged.

Morning quote.

Via Nick Steves and Social Matter. Libertarians resemble at times the old British Empire. They harp on economic issues such as fractional reserve banking, which no matter how legitimate these complaints might be, they miss the political mark entirely. The British granted the American colonists scores of concessions and were then flabbergasted when the Americans … Continue reading Morning quote.

Generation Zyklon and the Church

The next generation is here, and they are angry. Those without the church are angry and hopeless. Those within the church are looking at their elders and they call them weak. Not hypocrites, as I did when young. Weak. They see them as falling for whatever pressure is coming. They are defining a theology for … Continue reading Generation Zyklon and the Church

Introvert: discuss.

Scott has had a good couple of pieces lately. I can confirm his observations here. In my profession, it is absolutely imperative that I come across as warm, inviting and empathic. This does not come naturally to me. I have had to work very hard at it, and for all intents and purposes, it is … Continue reading Introvert: discuss.

Tactics with the new Red Guard.

Again, tactics. Mundabor has noted that the Vatican is a scandal. Again. I hope brother, I am using the word correctly: a scandal is not a sin. The Democrats are not a scandal, for no one considers that those power-hungry perverts consider anything but pleasure and power. A scandal destroys faith among believers. Inviting those … Continue reading Tactics with the new Red Guard.

The death spiral of the clerk. [Kipple]

The clerk thinks that what he says or writes is of eternal significance. It is not. People can vote with their feet. People do vote with their feet. As there are more forms of entertainment, the old models become... outmoded. Telling those who leave they are stupid, leads to you being ignored. Sure. Of course. … Continue reading The death spiral of the clerk. [Kipple]

Frustration ain’t no sin.

One of the demands that some place on clinicians is that we are always "professional". That we never use dank humour, or bad memes. That we do not get tired. That we are always polite, cheerful, and do what the patient requires, respecting their autonomy. I'm calling this bullshit. There are ethical limits. I will … Continue reading Frustration ain’t no sin.

Daily Meme War: Unite the families.

Shot. Chaser. There are many wars and many people starving. There is no people in this world that have not had periods where the four horsemen -- famine, plague, war and death -- have not reaped. But the way to help them is close to their land. Do not bring them into your land. They … Continue reading Daily Meme War: Unite the families.

No, you just cannot be a Disney princess. [Daily quote]

The trouble with the SJW narrative that all is well and that all is OK is that. it. does. not. work. When the Disney parks look for women to play their princesses, reality strikes, because otherwise the parks will close. What's the argument for Disney Parks, of all things, being "SJW Resistant"? Just that they … Continue reading No, you just cannot be a Disney princess. [Daily quote]

The cancer of convergence.

There have been many who divide their theology on this passage. They reject the pre-tribulation, or the post-tribulation, I don't see the point. What I see is two books. In one book there are our deeds, and if we are judged by those deeds we will damned. It matters what we have done. Our evil … Continue reading The cancer of convergence.