Burn it down.

Four items, indicating the agenda of this age: the worship of minorities, and the death spiral that the elite want the natives to suffer. There are levels of evil, and the institutions of evil need to be expunged.

Item 1. The abortion industrial complex believes it must continue because muh supreme court and muh constitution and that no doctor can have religious beliefs or a conscience. This is frightening: for the same argument will be used for euthanasia, and the same industrial complex wants to rewrite the NZ contraception, sterilisation and abortion act to make abortion not for health reasons but on demand and remove the conscience clause.

As if the ethics of medicine approve euthanasia and abortion all the way back to Hippocrates. Yeah, right.

According to LifeNews, America’s outgoing abortion queen took a big slap at President Trump’s civil rights protections for medical workers who conscientiously object to abortion in a fundraising email to Planned Parenthood members.

President Trump’s administration has made a concerted effort to protect religious liberties from secular coercion, with a new division within the Department of Health and Human Services being created to protect anyone who has a “moral objection” from having any involvement with abortion.

“The Conscience and Religious Freedom Division has been established to restore federal enforcement of our nation’s laws that protect the fundamental and unalienable rights of conscience and religious freedom,” HHS Acting Secretary Eric Hargan stated. “The Conscience and Religious Freedom Division has been established to restore federal enforcement of our nation’s laws that protect the fundamental and unalienable rights of conscience and religious freedom.”

In her email to supporters, entitled “Discrimination, plain and simple. Fight back now,” Richards called this conscience protection “shameful.”?

President Trump continues to outdo himself when it comes to pushing terrible health care policy that will do nothing but hurt patients.

But his latest attack is truly shameful: a proposed rule released by HHS seeks to encourage health care workers to discriminate against patients by refusing to provide care because of religious, moral, or personal objections.

Heath care workers might refuse to treat … a person seeking an abortion.

HHS is collecting official public comments on this outrageous new proposal, and it’s our best opportunity to stop it before it becomes the law — impacting people everywhere across the country.

Take a moment to submit your official comment to HHS: Don’t encourage discrimination against people seeking health care.

The number of comments we collect can be used in legal challenges to stop these attacks — so your submission really matters (and it only takes two minutes!).

In each and every one of Trump’s attacks on reproductive health care, it’s patients who are hurt the most. From people living with HIV to trans people to those seeking abortions, these attacks make it even harder for people to access care.

At Planned Parenthood Action Fund, we will always stand firm in our mission to expand access to care and to make it easier for people to get the services they need to live full, independent lives. These discriminatory policies fly right in the face of that mission — and we won’t stand for it.

By this email’s own admission, Planned Parenthood not only believes that abortion should be paid for by the American taxpayers, but also that 1st Amendment rights go right out the door the moment you put on scrubs.

The conscience clause is needed. Lest we become technicians. Lest we promote murder. Those who love Molech, historically. have either been destroyed or they destroy the host society.

Item 2 If you think the Harvey Weinsteins of this world were all Catholic, you are wrong. Weinstien is a Jew: many of the Hollywood power players implicated are. But they do not, in general, abuse women as much as this. Note that this man is a Islamic Scholar and embedded in the UK power structure.

Oxford has accepted too much money from the Sauds — who funded their business school. If Ramadan was Presbyterian or Unitarian he would have been shown the door by now.

Critics of the Muslim scholar have long claimed that despite his moderate stance he preaches a more radical line when addressing Muslims in Arabic.

Ramadan is the most high-profile figure to be held in France in connection with allegations of sexual assault and harassment which have emerged as part of the “Me Too” campaign.

Ms Ayari, a feminist activist who previously practised a conservative strain of Islam, described being raped in a book published in 2016, without naming her attacker.

But in October, she said she had decided to name Ramadan publicly as the alleged perpetrator as a result of the “Me Too” campaign, using the French hashtag “Balance Ton Porc” (Expose your pig).

She claimed that Ramadan, a married father of four, raped her in his hotel room, telling Le Parisien newspaper: “He choked me so hard that I thought I was going to die.”

She lodged a rape complaint against Ramadan on October 20.

Several days later an unidentified disabled woman, a Muslim convert, also accused the academic of raping her in a hotel room in the southeastern city of Lyon in 2009.

Vanity Fair magazine, which met the woman, said her lawsuit against Ramadan described “blows to the face and body, forced sodomy, rape with an object and various humiliations, including being dragged by the hair to the bathtub and urinated on”.

During three hours of testimony in Paris on Thursday, the woman – using the pseudonym “Christelle” – repeated her allegations to the judge in Ramadan’s presence.

She also revealed that Ramadan had a small scar on his groin that would not have been noticed except in the case of close contact.

Rejecting her testimony, the scholar refused to sign the official summary of the account, sources close to the case said.

During three months of investigations since the allegations emerged, police have interviewed dozens of people close to both Ramadan and the two women, and examined email and social media exchanges between them.

In November, Oxford University said Ramadan was taking a leave of absence from his post as professor of contemporary Islamic studies, “by mutual agreement”.

Item 3. Via Big Steve, who gabbed the link. Note that no one is allowed to disapprove, if an Auckland Politician, about the Pride Parade. Also note that I did not take my boys to it when I lived in Auckland, because the gay marching bands are not that family friendly.

And the gays despised me, as a breeder. Heterophobia exists for the degenerate. There are many reasons I left Auckland.

And the rainbow nazis have been pwned by Whaleoil, again.

A group of uptight residents in Auckland are clutching their pearls after learning their tax dollars may be going towards promoting a gay fisting festival.

The Kiwifist happens each year as part of this city’s Pride festival. The event costs $30 to attend and bills itself as a “full-on, five-hour-plus, gathering of gay and bi men into fisting and arse-play big-time” that is open to “all arse-playing men, from beginners to the extremely experienced.”

Is it for everyone? No. But it’s also just one of nearly 100 events that happen over the course of the month. So if fisting isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other activities you can enjoy.

Related: This extensive chart maps every major kink and it’s NOT for the faint of heart

Still, a group of kink-shamers naysayers say they don’t want their hard-earned tax dollars going towards a raunchy sex party.

“The Ratepayers’ Alliance does not believe ratepayers should be subsiding sex parties, regardless of the sexual orientation of those involved,” Jo Holmes, spokesperson for the organization, said in a statement. “Sex parties do not benefit the general ratepayer.”

Holmes, who is a lesbian, added, “I can see no justification at all for ATEED to be sponsoring an event like Kiwifist. … Sex parties are not core Council business.”

The ATEED is a city council fund that gives $45,000 to the Pride festival each year. The money goes exclusively and specifically to the Pride parade, a family-friendly daytime event. Not a penny of it is used for the Kiwifist. Or any other event, for that matter. Just the parade.

Item 4. Apparently the name suppression has not quite started. From today’s ODT online.

A 30-year-old man has been charged with murder following the death of a 16-year-old girl in Corstorphine.
Police confirmed this morning the man had been charged and would appear before the Dunedin District Court today.

The accused was known to the victim and police were not seeking anyone else in connection with the death, they said.

Emergency services were called to the incident about 9.30am on Saturday and police and forensic staff were at the Clermiston Ave property throughout the weekend.

A cordon protecting the crime scene had been established since the death was classified as “explained”.

A member of the public told the Otago Daily Times a St John ambulance had been at the address and that police had searched nearby properties.

And from the national news conglomorate, stuff: I have archived the page.

A doctor has been charged with murdering a 16-year-old girl.
REDACTED, 30, is accused of killing Amber Rush after the teenager’s body was found at her Dunedin home on Saturday morning.
He is scheduled to appear at Dunedin District Court on Monday afternoon.
Skantha is a house officer at Southern District Health Board, according to the Medical Council of New Zealand.
Social media profiles suggest he studied at Auckland University before moving to Dunedin.
Paying tribute to her daughter on social media, Lisa Rush described her daughter as “everything to me”, saying she was “literally my other half, my soul, my everything”.

Such activities, by immigrant groups, have not ended well.

The narrative is destructive. It needs to be purged from our society. Yes, we need to have a justice system, and those with allegations against them, such as Ramadan and REDACTED, need to be accounted innocent until proven guilty. But the enablers of abortion murder and corruption will be held to account.

And we need to, corporately, ensure that their organizations are burned to the foundations, and the foundations then seeded with plutonium.


The JP in court ordered interim name suppression of REDACTED. So edited.