Dark Brightness

Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Day: February 24, 2018

Saturday Sonnet.

Bryan Landry is cynical about Spenser: but Spenser himself was cynical about lust and love. For him, love was a form of madness. Or slavery: his dependance made his mistress wed another. Astrophil and Stella: Two Not at first sight, nor with a dribbed shot Love gave the wound, which while I breathe will bleed; […]

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The imploding apostates.

There are those who will say that we should not criticize, in any way, our elders and bishops. That we do not judge them: God does. And that is true. God judges them. But we have to correct error, or the church will divide, for the liberals would take us from the gospel. Let us […]

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Upgrade Korora Bloat to Fedora 27.

The short answer is that you should not be able to do this… from Korora. But another, dead, Fedora based distro has instructions, which I have modified. First, update your current distro. sudo dnf -y update Then install an old update manager. sudo dnf install system-upgrade Then download… this will take a while. It was […]

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