Dark Brightness

Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Day: February 20, 2018

Gita in the deep south.

Gita is cyclone Gita, which has done a considerable amount of damage in the Pacific. This lead to the usual panic on the TV. We looked at the weather forecast, noted that we have a large mountain range between us and the West Coast, and relaxed We planned to go to Wanaka and get enough […]

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Magic Dirt redux.

The previous post did not link correctly. This is a repost. The people you import to replace the natives will not act like the natives. They will act akin to those who live in their homelands. And if they replace you, your laws and habits will disappear. The Z man has it right: Europe has […]

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Blame Canada, follow Pence.

It is a fairly good rule of thumb. If the Liberal elite in Ottawa approve of something, do the opposite. Peacekeeping leads to corruption and child slavery. Liberal divorce laws lead to men walking away from marriage and an implosion in the birth rate. And in a time when an accusation can ruin you, true […]

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The heretics are the ones praised by the World.

We have heretics running our churches. They talk of many things, but what they preach is Tikkun Olam: the idea that we can redeem this world. This is false, this world will not be redeemed. It will be replaced. And those who are not of Christ will not be part of the new world. For […]

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