The Lethal Code of Conduct.

FreeBSD has decided it is time to regulate their community for the sake of inclusion. This is a purity spiral: the original codes, such as Debian's did not micro-regulate, but have still been weaponized against wrongthinkers while the connected get away with what they want. FreeBSD is small. It can be forked: it has been … Continue reading The Lethal Code of Conduct.

Sunday Sonnet.

If Saturday is for the Elizabethans, Sunday is for the Reformers. Modern women, note that AL's gifts were noted and her ability to translate used: she appended this to Calvin's sermons, and in doing so predated Sydney. And yes, it replaces Belloc. I am reformed, and it is a religious text. The only challenge to … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet.

Seek not a god in you. Seek Christ.

What do you build you foundation on? The land beneath you? This is unwise: the land where I sit this morning is overdue for "the big one" -- the Alpine Fault going, which is usually about eight on the Richter scale. Samoa and Tonga are flooded: Fiji is next, then we will get the end … Continue reading Seek not a god in you. Seek Christ.