Dark Brightness

Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Day: February 11, 2018

Winter Olympics II

Weird experience at Church today: we are in Wanaka and the Olympic Opening Ceremony was being played. Because the Wells family — one injured Skier in the congregation and his parents — are flying out to Korea to support his younger brothers, who are all in the NZ Team. Apparently our black uniform did not […]

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Sunday Sonnet.

Yes, there are more Belloc sonnets. About another four: the cycle is ending. Belloc was a journalist, he wrote quickly. For he had to eat. It was the aristocrats and those with tenure who could xxxiv Would that I had £300,000 Invested in some strong security ; A Midland Country House with formal grounds, A […]

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Common grace, common ingratitude.

This follows on from some of the posts I have put up in the last few days. Yes, it is political, even on Sunday, when I should be a man of peace. I am taking a little more time to get this correct. For I want to differentiate from the man who struggles with sin […]

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