Winter Olympics ratings down.

I have not watched any of the Winter Games. And it is available on free to air TV in NZ. And it is being promoted. Heavily. It might be because I prefer to watch things where the athletes are measured by time or weight or the number of times they get a puck or ball … Continue reading Winter Olympics ratings down.

Hate Facts.

The hate fact for the day is dedicated to Milo Yiannopoulos. Mate, enter a monastery. Now. Because the gays have reached peak queerness, and are being thrown under a bus. The courts are no longer amenable. Sort of. It appears that the constitution does not include the right for the offended to coerce creative actions. … Continue reading Hate Facts.

Without faith it is sin.

One of the pleasures I have not had for some time is a good theological argument. And it is a pleasure. When you are with someone of faith, to discuss the things of God, set the world to rights, and consider the meaning of our faith. When there is no accusation, just discussion. I don't … Continue reading Without faith it is sin.