Dark Brightness

Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Day: February 9, 2018

Principles of savings and investment.

This is kind of tutorial for Kiwis, with a some principes from Mike Cernovich on investing. Now, you may say that you should not be investing: that the current situation encourages nothing but debt. That would be true. But this is what I have learned. Generally by making these mistakes. Kill the credit cards. Yes, […]

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There is no peace.

Many High church atheists find comfort in oblivion and that they will have peace beyond this life there. They fear any disturbance. A.R.D. Fairburn is of that ilk, and hoped death would be akin to a long sleep. THE DISADVANTAGES OF BEING DEAD On reading that Sir Ernest Fisk, Managing Director of Amalgamated Wireless, considers […]

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Godly Hatred.

Do not choose to be a slave for the sake of your virtue signals. In Christ, you were called to be free. But your sins enslave you. I am not going to quote all of today’s readings, but the correction for our wish to signal virtue is to remind ourselves that if we are doing […]

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