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Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Day: February 8, 2018

They don’t make socailists like this any more.

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J.B.S. Haldane was a Fabian muckraker and a reasonable biochemist. He was a stoical High Church atheist. And the genesis of this poem is summarized brilliantly by Infogalactic. Shortly before his death from cancer, Haldane wrote a comic poem while in the hospital, mocking his own incurable disease; it was read by his friends, who […]

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On clear speech.

I have called this clear speech not free speech because one of the ways to subvert censorship, and to induce censorship, is to speak in jargon or code. Ivan Illich used to say that any professional group is a conspiracy against the laity, and that jargon is one of the tools that is used. Which […]

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Doing good in a time of evil.

I had a post taken down by Reddit yesterday because it was not about the lectionary. It seems that I wax too political. Perhaps it is my tendency to see patterns, but I start by reading the Presbyterian Daily Readings and then look around for things that apply. And today’s text is how to live […]

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