Three Quotes, Sunday Vespers.

In part I am doing this for Mundabor, and Scott. What we have is three quotes, out of chronological order. The correct order would be the Didache, then St Syrus, then John Calvin. (I have omitted the previous part of Calvin, when he challenges those who argue apostolic succession to Rome as the foundation of … Continue reading Three Quotes, Sunday Vespers.

Sunday Sonnet.

The Belloc cycle is drawing to a close. If anyone wants to comment about other cycles, do so. XXXITI Of meadows drowsy with Trinacrian bees, Of shapes that moved a rising mist among — Persephone between the Cypress trees — Of lengthier shades along the woodland flung, Of calm upon the hardly whispering seas, Of … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet.

Commanded not to be silent.

In which a Calvinist agrees with a Tridentine Catholic. Because my Catholic brother speaks the truth. The truth accepts all who live it as their friends. It is not confined to the divisions in churches. But then, neither is heresy, and FrancisChurch is an ancient error: that if I give all my goods to the … Continue reading Commanded not to be silent.