In my mailbox, Dunedin weather.

I am working late tonight. My wife called me about an hour ago and reported that the roads around our property were flooded. And the university has sent most people home. We are experiencing a very heavy rain event at present in Dunedin. Met Service have advised that we can expect this rain to continue … Continue reading In my mailbox, Dunedin weather.

Against the praise of those who make Martyrs.

There will be more martyrs, and they will be in the name of diversity. The early signs are there. When a kid gets expelled for following the law of the land from his high school -- then you know that you have fascists running the place. But, you may say, this young man was alt … Continue reading Against the praise of those who make Martyrs.

January Statistics

Monthly Stats Report: 1 Jan - 31 Jan 2018 Project: Dark BrightnessURL: Summary   Page Loads Unique Visits First Time Visits Returning Visits Total 17,902 9,942 6,163 3,779 Average 577 321 199 122 On administration, I have disabled Gutenbergy, and added Matomo, which I can self host, as I have disabled google analytics.